Avoid Photography Schools And Never Take Photography Lessons Fro

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*******HurleyPix****/learn - Never take photography lessons? And avoid photography schools? What the..!? ...
*******HurleyPix****/learn - Never take photography lessons? And avoid photography schools? What the..!? I personally never really immersed myself into taking photography lessons or going to swanky photography schools. I looked at how others took their shots (especially the masters) and then I got out there and furiously practiced... I ended up amongst 10 million other people in 30 square kilometers at the Kumbh Mela holy festival in India... (That festival only happens once every 12 years). And found myself smuggling my camera inside steel walls to photograph massive ships being dismantled piece by piece, on the shores of the Bangladesh oceans... (Batiary ship breaking yards, unforgettable). Batiary shipyards was the one time when I really had trouble taking photos of people because I was so overcome with my emotions after seeing what sort of intense 'physical' work they had to do each day... Anyway... That doesn't make me an expert... but it sure makes for an interesting lifestyle! To learn photography skills, I went and explored new lands. My own photography technique was 'have camera will travel.' You can do this too... If you like the 'sell photos online' passive income idea, or have toyed with starting up your own digital photography business, then I would say to you this... ACT on your dreams! Go and make it happen... The world wants to see what you can create... So then... what's your next step? Start learning... *******HurleyPix****/learn