Meeting The Challenge Of Indexing The Video ... - Part :1of6

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Meeting The Challenge Of Indexing The Video Web.Part : 1 of 6Chase Norlin CEO Pixsy;Gary Baker CEO ClipBlas...
Meeting The Challenge Of Indexing The Video Web.Part : 1 of 6Chase Norlin CEO Pixsy;Gary Baker CEO ClipBlast;Pete Kocks VP AOLAlex Vikati, CEO CasttvMary Hodder CEO DabbleLevy Cohen CEO Collarity COMMENTS: Most Video Search Engines as of this year, 2010, are nothing but sites violating video creator rights. As a video creator/owner I hold the right to upload or delete my videos. However, because of some video search engines, it is not possible to remove my videos from sites, such as Mefeedia****. There is not anybody working at Mefeedia**** who knows to remove a video file as a whole from Mefeedia****. If Mefeedia**** doesn't want to learn technique to remove videos properly, it should not reach to my accounts. At present, many of my videos are not removed properly from mefeedia**** violating my video copyrights. Mefeedia**** deleted some of my videos; however, my video thumbnails, title, and the thumbnails are still indexed with the tags written on my hosting site file, such as 'health' tag. For example, when 'health' tag is the keyword for a search query at mefeedia****, my deleted video thumbnail and its title appear between search results. Mefeedia**** still indexes my video using its tags. When I ask many other sites to remove my videos their workers automatically remove any 'tag' link to my video. They delete any tag link that points deleted video automatically. They know how to do that, they are able to develop a technique for that. However, mefeedia**** workers are not educated to remove a video as a whole. Another site with similar problem is Photobucket****. Photobucket**** stole my video from my deleted account. Such sites are enemies of video creators, Internet. Such sites are shame in Internet history for giving that much problem to video creators. There are not many Medical/Scientific video creators as I am. These Search Engines does not respect my nonprofit valuable videos. That's why their sites are full of bikini girl videos; that is the only thing they encourage people to do for a video.