Video Search & Discovery, Social Relevancy ... - Part 2 of 3

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Video Search & Discovery Part 1 of 3 / By : Frank Sinton CEO Mefeedia COMMENT: Video hosting sites such a...
Video Search & Discovery Part 1 of 3 / By : Frank Sinton CEO Mefeedia COMMENT: Video hosting sites such as dailymotion****,, aol**** or youtube**** never have enough text space to describe a video exactly. Many video hosting sites even cuts off the shortest video description. It is meaningless to talk about Video Search Engine functions if there is not enough keywords, descriptions associated with the videos to index. As a video creator, I need at least 500 words to describe the video and add tags; however, video hosting sites are not standard websites; and, in general their technology do not allow to write long descriptions for a video. I have my own website with full description underneath the video. However, video Search Engines do not crawl my websites that gives video full description/tags; but, index my video hosting site with a short description (My website is not a video site, only some of my educational URLs are with videos that hosted on my different video hosting/uploading accounts such as Since, there is not full information at my video upload/hosting site to index, Video Search Engines never have full information to categorize, index the videos properly. This is specially important for my Medical/Scientific videos. In conclusion, there is not such a thing, Video Search Engine Indexing, that some search engines such as mefeedia**** try to organize, but there is a problem to associate a video with its original full-description, and tags. Since Video Search Engines are causing too many problems, if had to select between creating videos and creating websites, I'd prefer creating/publishing websites over videos. When I want to publish my Medical/Scientific messages, I prefer writing text and uploading images to my website. I am tired of dealing with the thief Video Search engines such as mefeedia****. COMMENT: I am a Prof.Dr., I used to create nonprofit Medical, Scientific videos; however, since my videos/thumbnails, tags linked to other people's name to prevent me from having proper credits; and, the video site support departments did not reply to my requests; I stopped to create any public videos. Probably, this is what video sites such as mefeedia**** wanted. Probably, such video sites believe that there are many stupid Prof. Drs. to create nonprofit videos. If one stops to create videos, then another will replace it.