Bluetooth Headset Cyborg Song

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FREE mp3 at: *******www.rhettandlink****/bluetooth Lyrics: in the year 2043 the lord of the cyborgs will o...
FREE mp3 at: *******www.rhettandlink****/bluetooth Lyrics: in the year 2043 the lord of the cyborgs will open the small glass case, gaining access to the purple button. (it’s kinda like the red button on deal or no deal, except it’s purple) this purple button, when pressed, grants utter global domination to the presser. how depressing. how could this even be possible? it will be possible due to the proliferation of bluetooth headsets. place device on side of head ask no questions--do as I said wrap around ear--no it goes the other way so central command can hear what you say I mean your friends...and family members. it’s small, it’s cool, all your friends have it. the perfect addition to your cell phone habit. change a tire and talk, whatever you choose as your mom describes her Alaskan cruise or tells you that your uncle passed away deepest condolences but what you don’t know what they don’t tell you.. is that every bluetooth headset that get’s bought and affixed to someone’s ear means one more victim of the plan that will unfold in the year 2043--the lord of the cyborgs does his dirty deed pressing the purple button ‘neath the glass case and via cell phone towers, controls the human race take your post in a public place speak loudly; stare into space if you ever hold a phone to your face again a microscopic blade will blend your brain