25 Hadiths from Prophet Mohamed

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The muslim is the person who gets happy with his good deeds and becomes sad about his sins. From the good i...
The muslim is the person who gets happy with his good deeds and becomes sad about his sins. From the good islam is not interfering with others businesses. No ablution with the need to go to toilet and no prayer when the food is presented. From the good deeds is helping a maker or making for an awkward and reforming between those on bad terms. The prayer devil is called ghanzab so if he whispered 2 u,spit 3 times to your left. Fasting is protection so when you fast,avoid bad words and calling others bad names. If u like a person 4 Allah,inform this person. What is permitted is clear and what is forbidden is clear and between both lie suspictions and those who lie in suspictions lied in what is banned. This world is green and beautiful and Allah put you in it for test so beware of it and beware of women as they were the first israel people infatuation. Women are the most harmful infatuation I left behind for men This who angers people to satisfy Allah,Allah will make them satisfied with him but this who angers Allah for the sake of people, Allah will make them dissatisfied with him. Keep to the group as those who leave the group will die like the pre-islam people. Friday to Friday,Ramadan to Ramadan,Omra to omara cover sins between them as long as Major sins are avoided. The muslim is the muslim brother , he doesnot commit unjustice against him. If you found a man who goes a lot to mosques, testimony that he is a believer. From the people allah will shade on judgement day: a man whose heart is clung to mosques, a man who gave charity secretely so that his left hand doesnot know what his right hand spent. There is no reward for accepted pilgrimage except for paradise. A man in the heaven is given the power of 100 men in sex with an endless desire. Marry a virgin with whom you exchange play and laughter. Unjustice is darknesses on judgement day. I left with you what if you kept to,you would never go stray: allah book and my sunna(way of life) so bite them with your grinder. Man respect lies in the beard and the turban. Victory is with patience and easiness is with difficulties. I and you when I try to keep you away from hell are like a man trying to keep insects away from fire but they fall in it . Keep to perfumes The worst lies are claiming to dream of what you did not dream Those claiming having what they don't have are like the wearers of 2 garments of falsehood If you arenot keen on this world , it will come to you humbly . If you felt a movement in your back while praying,don't end the prayer as long as u didn't smell a wind or hear a sound.