Gang Stalkers Caught on Tape, Thanks To fuzzybullox

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Organized stalkers are cultists that collectively ablutes with the blood of their target. They desire to ev...
Organized stalkers are cultists that collectively ablutes with the blood of their target. They desire to eviscerate the target's body, mind and soul. With mocking gangstalking, strangers and unknown persons are brought to bear up on the target in public places and if possible in places of employment and even in their homes and go through rituals to offend and confuse. The is done intensely and repeatedly for months and years to alienate the target from their community. From the perspective of the target, he or she can not trust any stranger again. The further the targets gets away from their residence, the more aggressive harassment. If the target travels great distances for work, modes of transport will be tampered with or sabotaged. If the target travels to meet family and friends the harassments and stalking will be tough and proactive. The objective it to demobilize and isolate the target to concentrate the abuse of the target in their homes. This is economical and facilitates 24/7/365 torture. Once the target is reduced into a paranoid reclusion the more psychotic of the gangstalkers are brought in to initiate electronic harassment. Radar guns, speakers with amplified ultrasound transducers, EMF generators and microwave guns are deployed in an adjacent property to fry and rupture the target. These tools are used to degrade the mind and body of the target. The intensity and discomfort to the target is used to regulate the targets behaviour. If the target goes to another part of their house unexpectantly, pain levels are ratcheted up, if the target exercises, pain levels are increased and if the target has a wash punitive measures are taken. In the minds of the gangstalkers, the target has no right to behave as if they are human. The target is not permitted to take a self beneficial action. As far as the gangstalkers are concerned the target must accept their predicament and go through a steady demise. Within the target's home, there are certain no go areas defined by the gangstalkers. With this there is an ever decreasing circle the target is permitted to occupy. Any outraged reaction from the target imposes penalties. If a target attacks a street stalker, other stalkers within the vicinity will play act at being witness . Collusive and corrupt police officers will be summoned and the conveyor belt of a corrupt legal system will brought into effect. Once in prison, the target will receive his or her penalties. Usually gangstalkers research their victims for their durability and law abiding nature to sustain the process. Picking an unstable or criminal target may backfire and results in situations like shopping mall mass killings or postal worker rampages. In North London two years ago, a young refugee went berserk with a samurai sword and walked down the street chopping strangers heads and limbs off. This chap escaped from his war torn country, was working since the age of sixteen to support his family back home, had no previous history of mental illness yet lost it and selectively targeted people in his locality. Last I heard, he is regularly drugged and beaten where he is securely held.