Massive Falun Gong Rally in Flushing

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WONG: This weekend saw Falun Gong practitioners return to the Flushing Chinatown section of New York City ...
WONG: This weekend saw Falun Gong practitioners return to the Flushing Chinatown section of New York City in large numbers. They held a parade and rally condemning the Chinese Communist Party』s persecution against them on American soil. Here』s the story. STORY: Familiar sounds on Main Street, Flushing. And this time their numbers are in the thousands. [Flushing Resident]: 」I have never seen a parade this big before, so when I heard the drums I got very excited and brought my child with me to see it. It』s very touching, very touching.」 They have come here to exercise their rights of freedom of belief and freedom of speech. Despite interference from the Chinese Communist Party over the last few weeks, Falun Gong practitioners, under heavy police protection, are marching through Flushing once again. [Carlos Rodriguez, Flushing Resident]: 」This is a free country. We have the freedom of speech, freedom of religion here in America!」 The public was eager to condemn the actions of gangs of thugs acting against Falun Gong on behalf of the Chinese consulate in the last few weeks. [Carlos Rodriguez, Flushing Resident]: 」It』s not right, you know. They are doing the same thing that they do in China and they』re bringing it over here.」 Despite the increased police presence, some pro communist protestors still showed up to harass Falun Gong practitioners. When questioned, this man admitted to be working for the Chinese consulate. [NTD Chinese Reporter]: 」Are you from the (Chinese) consulate?」 [Chinese Person Handing Slandering Flyers]: 」We are all from the consulate. You know how many spies we have?」 [NTD Chinese Reporter]: 」Are you all spies?」 [Chinese Person Handing Slandering Flyers]: 」We are all.」 Zhou Yanfeng from the China Social Democratic Party came to offer his support to Falun Gong practitioners and in his speech used as an example what he had experienced during the Cultural Revolution in China to urge pro communist protestors not to follow the communist party into hurting other people. [Zhou Yanfeng, China Social Democratic Party]: 」These young people they are in the same age, they are in the same motion like what I did many, many years ago. I really don』t want them to be cheated by the communist Party and take the wrong way. In fact the more you heart other people the more you heart yourself.」 This is Ben Hedges, NTD, New York. 其他推薦: 2008新唐人電視台全球系列大賽(小提琴,聲樂,舞蹈,武術,鋼琴,漢服設計,油畫,廚技,攝影) *******competitions.ntdtv****/ 視頻百科 拓展您的視野 ******* 劉醇逸只見親共者 民眾失望 *******