Business TV: Bob Young -The Biggest Opportunities Are Online

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Expert business advice from Bob Young, CEO and Founder of Lulu****, as he paints a graphic, easily visualis...
Expert business advice from Bob Young, CEO and Founder of Lulu****, as he paints a graphic, easily visualised picture of the opportunity that exists online today – and it is huge! “As well as the internet being sort of remarkably revolutionary in this concept that it connects everyone together, what it does for entrepreneurs, for businessmen everywhere is that it creates this massive opportunity. So it is hard space to get your head around because it doesn’t relate to the real world. In the real world if you work really hard today you could go out and say you had a service you could probably talk to one hundred, maybe two hundred. Maybe even if you were truly the energizer bunny you could talk to three or four hundred people about your product. On the internet you could talk to a million people today alone about your product. So the scale of the opportunity makes the investment worthwhile. So whether you figure out how to use EBay to advance your service, whether you use Lulu to publish your video or your book or your music or whether you use Google to resell to put up ads on your website so that you promote your product or your service. You give away your product or your service but you make the money by surrounding it with ads which is nothing more than the old magazine or television model when you think about it. We always got television shows for free and it was an ad supported content. Well that’s what the internet is with Google ads, which is why Google is doing so well. My point simply being is the internet is simply full of opportunity and it is still a very immature world. We are looking at this internet market place less than ten years after its invention, well maybe a little more than ten years. Imagine radio invented in what the 1930’s, in 1950, radio has come a long way since 1950. Television it’s like looking at television, I mean television was basically invented when I was born in 54 and you are sort of comparing television in 1964 to the internet today. As in the internet is only ten or fifteen years old. Where is it going to go is anyone’s guess but the number of opportunities that it is going to create for entrepreneurial business people to use services are just immense.” See more business news television shows from Bob Young and other top business experts at *******www.yourbusinesschannel****/section.aspx?section=ideas Find out more about the very latest show releases, as well as other yourBusinessChannel news by visiting our blog at *******www.yourbusinesschannel****/blog.aspx