LHC-Large-Hadron-Collider-CERN (Is This the End of Earth

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The Large Hadron Collider is the largest and most complex scientific instrument ever built and the highest ...
The Large Hadron Collider is the largest and most complex scientific instrument ever built and the highest energy particle accelerator in the world. The accelerator is located 100 m underground and runs through both French and Swiss territory. (27km circumference) Year 2008 marks the culmination of 20 years of work by over 8000 scientists thousands of engineers, technicians and support staff from over 80 different countries. Some critics say that this could create a black hole and could be the end of the universe. The first attempt starts on the 10th September 2008..! I, personally, find all this very interesting. I didn't even know what a LHC was until today but I've spent the morning learning lots. The science seems sound and those who are curious enough and have the opportunity to experiment will, I hope, have some questions answered. What will the answers be? Greater understanding of the Universe? A new source of energy to benefit our existence? A cataclysmic event that will bring about the end of the Earth? Nothing? Who knows? What I do know is that without the curiosity (and the fortitude)to find answers to our questions we would not learn. We would not learn how to read, write, hunt, fish, drive, communicate, develop, hypothesize, spiritualize etc. But do some of these answers come at a cost? Of course they do! When I was a kid I wondered if a bedsheet would be a good parachute if I jumped off my roof. The cost....well, let's just say me hitting the ground wasn't half as bad as when my Mum was finished with me. Obviously, the implications of some experiments can be far, far worse than my maiden flight. But what do we do? Come to a point where, "that's it! No more questions. If you've got 'em - too bad 'cos there'll be no more searching for answers." I don't think so. So, regardless of the outcome, at least we're still trying to find answers to our questions. But if it does go pear-shaped, I'm with Adam - safety in numbers people.