Free 3 Month Xbox Live Gold

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*******tinyurl****/6ffx64 FREE CREDITS!!! (Remember, you only need 8 credits to obtain a 1 month Xbox Live...
*******tinyurl****/6ffx64 FREE CREDITS!!! (Remember, you only need 8 credits to obtain a 1 month Xbox Live code) -- Obtain a few Pay 2 Go sim cards, don't put any money on them, and do the cell phone offers, you won't be charged (As long as you didn't activate it and put money on it), and you'll get a ton of credits! (Highest I've seen is 7.5: That's almost a 1 month Xbox Live!) -- Here's a video explaining how to do 6 of the same offers, all worth a credit each, that's 6 free credits just waiting to be obtained... ***********/watch?v=iJJ-hM... -- Quick tip about Brandarama offers: Fill out the entire surveys all the way up til it asks for Silver, Gold, and Plantium offers and just leave the page open, give it a few minutes and it should credit (That's another 2.25 credits!) -- RJR offers are worth 1.25 each, fill them out exactly like the Brandarama and BigBrandGiveaway offers, and there's another 5 credits! -- Apple iPhone & $100 iTunes Gift Card (Worth 1.2) is exactly like the RJR and BigBrandGiveaway offers, fill out the survey, and when you get to the silver screen, click on two, go to the gold page and click on two, and then go to the plantinum page and click on four. Check the e-mail address you provided with the survey and click on the link, let it sit for a few minutes and you should be credited. -- ExclusiveRewardsInfo - Subway vs Quiznos, SuperGiftGiveAway - Wii vs Xbox vs PS3, TopRewardsNow - Entourage vs Sex and the City, all worth 1.5 each! Simply follow the BigBrandGiveaway method and confirm the e-mail sent after the survey's (At the Silver, Gold, Plantinum Offer screen) and it should credit shortly after! -- Winning Surveys - Free $75 in Coupons + win $1500 (Worth 1.35) can be completed in a similar fashion to the above offers, make sure to activate your account through the e-mail you provided after the ENTIRE survey is completed (It'll say Congratulations!!) Some tips and hints about getting credits on the site: -- A majority of offers are only for U.S. residents, sorry... -- Always use a spam e-mail address for filling out offers, you will be spammed for life! -- Most offers only require an e-mail address, or by simply filling out your address information. -- Some offers require you to activate the confirmation e-mail, so make sure your spam e-mail is one you can get into (I recommend Mailinator****). -- Don't give up! Some offers can take days to credit...I've spent countless hours doing survey's, only to find them credit days later... -- Credit card/cell phone offers pay out the most, but you will also be charged, way out the gains over the losses first! Tired of buying codes every single month, 3 months, 12 months? Well I have found a very easy way to make quick use of the internet and getting free items :) A website called Prizerebel makes it simple to obtain these codes and many other items! I was very skeptical at first like most people are, but trust me, this website works! I have my own proof in the video for crying out! I have even met people from the website itself and played on their newly won prizes! I joined and within a matter of 3 hours or so, I had earned enough credits to purchase a 3 month Xbox Live code, and even after still had enough to purchase another two 1 month Xbox Live codes! (35 credits!) Interested yet? If so, here's the link, sign up is simple: Simply put your name, real e-mail address (For confirmation) and your real address (Or your won items won't be sent to your home), click Sign Up and your good to start earning some credits. Enjoy and have a great time earning free items :) P.S. The song featured in the song is cut out of Three 6 Mafia's Lolli Lolli. *******tinyurl****/6ffx64