Barack Obama Music Video These Words by Owdareech Productions

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New Barack Obama music video These Words by Owdareech Productions Download a free copy of this song at the ...
New Barack Obama music video These Words by Owdareech Productions Download a free copy of this song at the above myspace address,post the video on your site spread the word! Obama 08 yes we can! THESE WORDS LYRICS Now usually I don't speak on politics or religion but at night I have these dreams everyday I have visions. The whole world's a conspiracy we're all victims to the same type of lunacy. It's like the same old shhh only the day is different ain't nothing changed but the stages to adult from infant. While the government pretend they're gonna end the cycle they're sending troops to destroy cities with bombs and rifles. 'Cause we're trifling and selfish in America and Mother Natures' pissed off we should be scared of her. But instead we turned our backs and ignored the signs 'til Katrina swept whole cities destroying lives. Now we're looking for relief but ain't nobody seen her too many shystie politicians trying to run Fema. I know we hate to debate the truth but this is proof it's the nation that will stand to lose. Chorus:I can tell you where I've been and I can tell you where I'm goin' I can tell you a lot of things but some just ain't worth knowin' I can tell you many lies and you may never know the truth But you must be mistaken if you don't think these words apply to you! Man it's crazy 'cause before I never payed attention never thought about being saved or being Christian. Guess it's cause I see most of them as hypocrites screaming Jesus so loud 'till they ain't saying ....please excuse It's just hard when you walk alone with no direction and destination is unknown. Heard the news economically we're in recession feels more like we're headed for the great depression Still I try to find "Joy" in a world of pain "Sun" in a pouring rain "Pride" in a time for shame "Hope" still in vain 400 years of bad history with no apology where were you Lady Liberty! They say the Rev. Wright is spreading racist lies but we know the revolution won't be televised And in the end they're gonna say it's just politics and lock away the truth like they did with the Jena Six Real talk now.... Chorus Adlibs