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"Rafaël puts together his videos in the same way he creates a visual counterpart for musical expression...
"Rafaël puts together his videos in the same way he creates a visual counterpart for musical expressions in real-time during his VJ performances: by tying together an amalgam of drawn, photographic and video images from his intimate surroundings, layered with a sense of humour and then edited according to rhythmical variations, from kinetic to almost static and back again. A visual idiom unequalled in the nether regions of the electronic music world: looking for beauty and recognition between all that’s drab, dingy and wayward, looking for an identity and personality among a stream of clawing and rending impulses. In El hijo & el libro Rafaël tangles an openly associative web of visual and musical references around two of the things he loves most: his son and the work of Korean artist Milk Pack, best known for his ingenuous, almost childlike illustrations. " Argos Videofestival 2005 "A red & black movie about a son & a Korean book." Rafaël El hijo & el libro receive a mention from the jury of Prix de la Création Video in Vidéoformes 2006 Screenings : Trampoline - England 2005 Island Art Film & Video Festival - England 2005 Black & White Festival - Portugal 2005 Imaginaria – Italy 2005 291Gallery – England 2005 Argos Video-Festival – Belgium 2005 VAIA 2005 - Spain 2005 Exis2005 - Independent Film & Video Festival of Seoul – South Korea 2005 VAD Festival – Spain 2005 Videoformes 2006 – France 2006 Media Art Festival Friesland – The Netherlands 2006 D-NEFF European Experimental Exhibition – Spain 2006 The Tank : New York Experimental - Usa 2006 Instants Vidéo – France 2006 Festival des Sens – Martinique 2006 Ecoutez les Zimages - La Reunion 2006 www.leafar.be ©Rafaël - All Rights Reserved.