Instablogs Global Report 12-September-2008

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*******www.instablogs****/ Bush approves raids within Pakistan The decision is extremely shameful and outr...
*******www.instablogs****/ Bush approves raids within Pakistan The decision is extremely shameful and outrageous. Apparently America believes in some kind of self imposed divine right theory which empowers it to tread over other nations sovereign rights at its own will. Pakistan is America’s closest ally in the war against terror. We must fight tooth and nail against Bush administration’s decision to conduct raids against terrorist targets on our soil, without our permission. After all it’s a question of our own sovereignty which we must protect at all cost even if it means warning a close ally. We support aggression against militants which threaten to destabilize the entire region but Pakistan is not an America lap dog accepting whatever comes its way through latter. America should refrain from such unilateral actions, respect our territorial integrity and sovereignty and always remember Pakistan’s assistance in fighting extremism at the cost of its own internal security. Guatemala to prosecute criminal elements A United Nations report is calling on Guatemala to increase efforts to prosecute criminal elements within the country. The special commission is called the International Commission Against impunity in Guatemala, released the report stating that extra efforts must be exerted to prosecute criminal elements in Guatemala. On 12 December 2006, the Guatemalan government and United Nations signed an agreement to establish an independent international commission against impunity in Guatemala. The mandate of the commission is to investigate and promote the prosecution of legal society organizations. The commission says that while Guatemala has begun moving forward with efforts to crackdown on illegal armed groups, the small number of prosecutions and lack of protection from the police, judges and witnesses requires more work. Japan shook by 7 magnitude earthquake It is a classic case of American news channel making disproportionate news out of everything that comes out of Japan. On one hand, CNN headlines the story of massive earthquake that was 7.0 on magnitude scale, while the eastern coast of Hokkaido, Japan only sees a few sets of four inch ripple on the shoreline. Japanese news channel the entire day have been siphoning a collective yawn instead, after the front page coverage of the NPD election and the announcement of a wide scale Japanese troop pullout from Iraq. However should you ever manage to look past that 7.0 magnitude earthquake is two times stronger that killed 6500 people in and around Kobe in 1995 you notice that today’s earthquake still struck at the depth of 12 miles and 80 miles off the shore of Japan’s north west state. It is normal practice for Asian news especially for Japan to get heavily sensationalized during its dizzying spin to the western news user. News flash has had large scale earthquakes that wrecked unforgettable destruction in the past lets not forget about all those little ones felt by the country everyday of the week. West Bengal promotes IT investments People should be thankful to the Information technology department of government of west Bengal after it decided to provide land to the IT major Infosys. The pronouncement would help salvage the image of the state that took a beating following the Singur problem. The ruckus generated around the Tata Nano plant in Singur has generated skepticism in the minds of prospective investors regarding the safety of their future investments. West Bengal needs lucrative investors to help create employment opportunities for the young. The animation and gaming industry has a potential to emerge as a major revenue spinner. Kolkata has marched ahead in areas of animation and gaming, with prominent players making a foray into the state. The state government should march ahead and provide full support to the IT industry along with other small and medium scale industries. Only such measures can help improve the image of West Bengal as an investor friendly state, otherwise tainted by Singur controversy.