Global Report - 06-October-2008

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*******www.instablogs****/ Mixed results for Lula in Brazil’s local elections In this Sunday were held el...
*******www.instablogs****/ Mixed results for Lula in Brazil’s local elections In this Sunday were held elections in all municipalities to choose new mayors and city councilors. Voting is mandatory in Brazil. Around 125 million people voted in electronic ballot, which ensures a process of verification of the votes faster, safer and effective. In most of Brazil, the elections passed without major problems. Of the more than 5,000 municipalities, only 100 had some kind of problem, such as the arrest of election candidates doing propaganda in places of voting. In about 400 cities, the army's presence was needed tfor the security of voters against possible attacks by criminal gangs. It is too early to say who will be the winners, but about 50% of the votes have been counted. Moreover, in cities with more than 100 thousand voters, there will be a second runoff. However, these elections are a preparation for the elections of 2010, in which new governors and a new president will be chosen. The governors who get elect "their candidates" will be strengthened for the presidential campaign. Lula, despite it high level of popularity, is still unable to choose a viable successor and the main opposition candidate, Jose Serra, seems to emerge stronger after today. Pakistani cinema showcasing Bollywood Cinema owners in Pakistan are trying to showcase movies that attract families and young viewers. The latest Bollywood flick running to packed houses within Pakistan is Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif starrer 'Singh is King'- the movie has been a complete delight for any Pakistani moviegoer passionate about the Bollywood films. Pakistan and India might have their long held differences, but nothing can deny the fact that Pakistanis prefer Indian film productions that are slick and lavishly produced. It is also no secret that most travel abroad just to watch the latest Bollywood flick starring their favorite actors and actresses. It is vital that the Pakistani government remove the ban on showcasing Indian movies so that their exhibition and distribution pours in money vital to revive our production houses. This will help increase the competitiveness of the Pakistani cinema besides keeping the country's millions entertained. Mexicans observe 1968 massacre Thousands of Mexicans marched across the nation's capital the Mexican government to establish the truth behind a deadly clampdown on student protesters 40 years ago and punish the perpetrators. The failure to confront the massacre on October 2, 1968, when security forces opened fire on students gathered in the Tlatelolco Square in the capital Mexico City, had left a "deep scar" in Mexican society. That scar can only be healed by full disclosure, bringing the perpetrators to justice and providing reparations to the victims or their families. It is shameful the even 40 years after the massacre the details of that day remain unclear, even the number of those killed. President Calderon cannot remain silent on this dark chapter in Mexico's history. The Mexicans in general and the victims families in particular want the administration to open all relevant archives and records, establish a new and independent inquiry and punish those responsible for this horrific crime. Lowest water levels in Sea of Galilee The government of Israel seems to be oblivious to the damage being caused to the country's largest lake, the Sea of Galilee. Four years of drought and relentless demand from homeowners and farmers has brought down the water levels to the lowest record ever. Despite the falling levels, pumping of the water continues from the lake. The main factor driving the unquenchable thirst is Israel's projection of itself as a country of pioneering farmers who made the desert bloom, much in contrast to the previous Palestinian owners who were prepared to live on the barren land. The Israeli government must initiate stricter measures to stop cultivation of alien crops that are not suited to the desert and then exported to the west. The drop in the water levels is not only causing increased salination but also affecting the fish stocks. The government should seriously consider establishing desalination plants and begin valuing its ecology before the water disappears all together. *******www.instablogs****/