Global Report - 10-October-2008

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*******www.instablogs****/ Migrant clashes in India’s Assam How can the state officials in Assam blame the...
*******www.instablogs****/ Migrant clashes in India’s Assam How can the state officials in Assam blame the separatist National Democratic Front of Bodoland blame them for clashes and ethnic cleansing of Muslims? Recurrent bouts of violence between indigenous tribesman and migrant Muslim population are a direct result of Bodos getting marginalized in their homeland by the influx of Muslims. Bodos who feel neglected by the central government want the illegal immigration to stop which is depriving them of job opportunities in the region. The Bangladeshi migrants have no right whatsoever to be in India yet the Congress government in Assam continues with the policy of importing Bangladeshi migrants and naturalizing them as Indian citizens with an eye on the vote bank. Much has to do with the lack of region’s political representation at the centre and utter neglect of this region in spite of abundant natural resources. The nation needs to focus its attention on the region if it wants to solve the problems inflicting this region. CNN’s iReport mishap An iReport contributor reported that Apple's CEO Steve Jobs had had a heart attack. Within moments of the post, the companies stock began to dip until Apple quickly responded that CNN's third-party reporting was false, Mr. Jobs was fine. The stock then resumed its normal trading pattern. CNN has since removed the post, obviously. But the fact that such false information about a prominent American CEO could be posted, without verification, on the website of one of the United States' and the world's most reputable news organization raises serious questions about the conduct of citizen journalism: who are the editors and what are the standards? The standards to be maintained are simply and obvious, they are the standards upheld by most news bureaus: honesty, decency and thorough fact-checking. As to who are the editors: we all are. It also means that as public editors we should offer one another constructive criticism. Odinga demands resignation from ECK Kenyan coalition government should immediately implement the recommendations made by the Kriegler commission. The report has sufficiently exposed the flaws in the country's entire electoral system. It has exposed how the Electoral Commission of Kenya, politicians, members of the public, political parties and the media rigged the whole exercise. ECK was found wanting in its independence and capacity which impacted negatively on the commissioners' legitimacy and public confidence to deliver impartial results. Kenyans deserve to be part of a free and fair electoral process. Thus the government must initiate necessary executive, legislative ad political measures to reconstitute the electoral body so that some amount of electoral integrity is injected into the system. This is essential if it ever wants to change the preconceived misconceptions held by Kenyans regarding country's electoral excise. Church opposes family planning policy The Philippine Congress is about to pass the legislation for national family planning program that includes government sponsored contraception for the poor. Those who support the proposition believe that abstinence isn't enough to control a burgeoning population. But the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill would be a waste of resources if nothing much is done to reduce poverty and improve the level of education in the country. The sector to educate the most is women, since pregnancy rates have shown to have been more controlled among educated females. While there is sex education in the curriculum of public schools right from elementary level, parents and communities should also take part in educating the youth on the topic. But if poverty reduction is the ultimate aim of population control, other measures should be equally shored up by the government such as price control on basic commodities, better education and capability skills enhancement to meet employment requirements, and more employment opportunities to reverse brain drain *******www.instablogs****/