The Obama Youth

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BANNED WEBSITE!!! BUT NOW YOU CAN SEE IT...YOU USED TO BE UNABLE TO SEE THIS SITE CAUSE IT WAS BANNED, BUT NOW YOU CAN!!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS GOIN ON!!! ALSO: My site itself NO LONGER COMES UP IN GOOGLE SEARCH. WHY??? IT USED TO BE #2 on the list when you searched for Obamaganda!!! DESPITE SOME GOOD NEWS, I STILL CAN'T LOG INTO MY WEEBLY ACCOUNT, IT SAYS 'YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN BANNED' SO I CAN'T MAKE ADDITIONS/EDIT THE SITE!!!! WHAT IS THIS CENSORSHIP IS THIS AMERICA????? SEND WEEBLY AN E-MAIL AT SUPPORT.WEEBLY.COM AND TELL THEM TO UN-BAN MY OBAMAGANDA ACCOUNT!!! I put tons of hours into this website compiling obama propaganda. Then it was banned or censored or something ill-conceived! The site was getting thousands of views!!! They shut it down it in 2 days though! -THEY (WEEBLY) ARE STILL NOT EVEN ANSWERING MY E-MAILS. Even I CANNOT EVEN LOG INTO MY ACCOUNT. IT ALWAYS SAYS, "YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN BANNED) IT'S LIKE IT NEVER EXISTED AND THIS IS VERY SCARY :::UPDATE::: MY WEBSITE IS BACK UP!!!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT EXACTLY IS HAPPENING!!! HOWEVER, I STILL CAN'T LOG INTO MY WEEBLY ACCOUNT, IT ALWAYS SAYS "YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN BANNED!" SAY "no" to the USSA!I don't believe this i put so much work into that site and it was getting thousands of views!!! Some Biased Person also BANNED my "No You Can't" Anti-Obamaganda video off of youtube. BUT, YOU CAN STILL WATCH it (for now) at: AN E-MAIL TO COMPLAIN LIKE I AM COMPLAINING, TELL THEM TO REOPEN MY WEBSITE ACCOUNT: OR AT LEAST ANSWER MY E-MAILS! SOMEHOW THE SITE ITSELF IS BACK UP, BUT MY ACCOUNT IS STILL BANNED AND I CAN'T LOG IN AND CHANGE MY SITE/ADD TO IT!! SUPPORT.WEEBLY.COM I am SO tired and I am giving up the "HOPE" for freedom of opinion in America. :( :( :( I SENT THE FOLLOWING E-MAIL TO WEEBLY (they hosted my website): THEY BANNED MY SITE!!! WHERE IS THE FREEDOM??? EVERYTHING IS BANNED SUCH CENSORSHIP!!! ""HELLO WEEBLY, PLEASE TELL ME WHY MY ACCOUNT WAS BANNED AT WWW.OBAMAGANDA.WEEBLY.COM IS THERE SOMETHING I CAN CHANGE TO GET THE SITE UP AGAIN???? WHICH TERM DID I VIOLATE EXACTLY??? HOW CAN I CHANGE THAT??? PLEASE RESPOND.... I JUST WANT SOME FREEDOM!!! please let me put up my site...i will change what u need me to change...what is the issue???" ANY LAWYERS OUT THERE??? PLEASE HELP ME SEND ME AN E-MAIL!!! I don't know what steps to take!! I put sooo much time and effort into that site!!!!"Youtube Just Banned my "No You Can't" Parody of the "Yes We Can" Obama propaganda song. It was receiving thousands of views before it was taken off, for no apparent reason. I am almost positive it was removed because of some individual's / individuals' bias. SAD. I didn't get the message. I uploaded "No You Can't to my website: it for yourself. Originals of this "OBAMA YOUTH" video have been removed, including the original original, and the 2nd posting of it by keepitwildtv that made it famous. It was on the front page of foxnews**** and drudgereport**** THEN, FOR SOME UNKNOWN and DUMBFOUNDING reason, keepitwildtv REMOVED it!! I can't believe it! It could have got MILLIONS more views, but now all those foxnews links and drudge links went to NOWHERE. Do America a favor and spread this link around: Propaganda: The Obama Youth: Indoctrination for the Next Generation Original video posted at: of Obama, I'm inspired to move to Canada. Because of the obama, I am inspired to be the next lemming / blind sheep led to the slaughter. For an even worse video of Obama supporters' atrocious propoganda see this video "SING FOR CHANGE." an entire nation be brainwashed by the repetition of YESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANCHANGECHANGECHANGECHANGECHANGECHANGECHANGECHANGEYESWECANESWECANESWECANESWECAN I'm Beggining to Worry.. We in America and Around the World should not idolize our politicians. Jesus Christ is Lord/Savior/Messiah; not Barack Obama or John Mccain. May God Bless You, and May God Bless America.