Get a Free Xbox 360 Elite from Trainn

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First off, this is NOT a scam. I have proof that this actually works. At the bottom are FAQs. You do need t...
First off, this is NOT a scam. I have proof that this actually works. At the bottom are FAQs. You do need to complete offers but the offers are by well-known and 100% legit companies like Blockbuster, Netflix and the United States Postal office. Not like other sites where they have offers with companies you never heard of. Remember: This is free if you sign up with the Stamps**** offer and cancel within the first 4 weeks, or you will get charged. Step 1) Go to *******www.360Elite4free****/ and sign up there. Step 2)Go to *******www.freewebs****/360eliteref/ This is a step by step guide with pictures on how to do all of this. Everything is clearly stated there. I do have proof of this being real and not an actual scam. Reviews from people themselves, the news and personal friends. *******www.trainn****/reviews.php?page=1 ***********/watch?v=DFKYVE... NBC actually proved it true. and here are my friends: ***********/watch?v=YpvWyZ... If you are skeptical or need help with something, just message me. Also if you need help with getting referrals, message me. I will create a rotater for those people who sign up and complete their offer. This means that all the links will rotate in order so everyone gets to get referrals. FAQs: How is this free? A: This website is run by Trainn, or Transcendent Innovations. They have many websites like 360elitefree****, and on those websites are offers. These offers are from actual companies such as Blockbuster, Netflix and Stamps**** (United States Postal Service). They pay Trainn everytime someone signs up for their offer, and Trainn uses that money to pay for your gift. Q:How do I get referrals? A:Get a bunch of friends or use rotators and forums to get people to sign up under YOUR link. Make sure that they complete their offer or you will not get the gift. Q:Is there any free offers that you don't need a credit card for? A:All of the offers need a credit card, but Stamps**** is free. Stamps**** is run by the USPS. Just sign up and then in a few days just cancel and you WILL NOT be charged.