Global Report - 20-October-2008

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*******www.instablogs****/ Powell Supports Obama When was the last time anything happened in campaign 2008...
*******www.instablogs****/ Powell Supports Obama When was the last time anything happened in campaign 2008 that left McCain camp clearly pleased and happy. In the absence of right tone and right message McCain and Sarah Palin duo have come dangerously close to running aground several times. And, now with America's most senior soldier and senior most diplomat-Colin Powell supporting Barack Obama, McCain has definitely lost on high profile endorsements too. Colin Powell's disappointment with the tone of the Republican campaign and choice of Sarah Palin as the vice presidential nominee will definitely get media attention. That, if not causing a major dent in the Republican vote bank should at least be enough to swing the waverers into the Democratic camp. Barack Obama for the moment it seems is winning on all the three counts: in arguments, high profile endorsements and ultimately winning the elections too. Grave concern over Sri Lankan offensive India should have thought of Kashmir and then issued the statement. Will they tolerate a similar statement emanating from Pakistan? Before talking about the humanitarian impact of the offensive upon the Tamils they should think about similar fate being meted out to the Kashmiris. Can they afford to respect the Kashmiri right which demands self determination at the cost of India's territorial integrity? A smoldering Northern Sri Lanka is India's creation. For Sri Lankans the Tamil demand for secession has been aided and abetted from across the shores just as kashmiri claims to freedom have been supported from across the border. We have given ample chance for a peacefully negotiated settlement to prevail which allows each community to realize its own potential within the framework of a united Sri Lanka. Military intervention has always been the last resort for us. India should mind its own business and set its own house in order before discussing humanitarian issues elsewhere. Suicides expected to soar in Japan Economic woes definitely play a vital role in abetting suicide rates within Japan. Along with financial reasons cultural factors too are partly at play. Japanese society is known for its unforgiving attitude towards those who fail to climb the ladder of success. In fact, they consider suicide as the legitimate solution to all the vexing problems of life. So, whether it is a massive debt making you a burden on your family or political scandal that taints those around you it is your responsibility to protect them by offing yourself. Suicide in other words is an honorable way of taking responsibility for your future. Japan's most popular religions- Shinto and Buddhism-by being permissive actually abet the practice. The country's legal system doesn't do much to deter suicides, either. The penal code has no provision for killing yourself, which means the government can't seize your property or send you to jail after a failed attempt. With financial crisis in full swing recession related suicides can only rise and not fall. Zambia successfully controls malaria MACEPA, a project of the US-based non-profit organization PATH has shown that with commitment, coordination and leadership malaria can be controlled. Zambia's 2008 malaria indicator survey demonstrate the effectiveness of the scaled-up approach to malaria control adopted in Zambia. Particularly successful has been the improvement in the distribution of insecticide-treated bednets, expanding the reach of Zambia's indoor residual spraying program and providing preventive medicine and treatment for the most vulnerable. There has also been a sharp decline in the number of cases of moderate to severe anaemia. Two-thirds of Zambian households are now covered with at least one treated net or a recent indoor spraying. Eighty per cent of pregnant women now receive at least one dose of preventive medicine. Malaria survey is good news coming out from Zambia. It should continue making excellent progress toward its vision of a malaria-free Zambia. *******www.instablogs****/