Global Report - 29-October-2008

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*******www.instablogs****/ Foreigners laid off in Japanese downturn Foreigners who are among the first lab...
*******www.instablogs****/ Foreigners laid off in Japanese downturn Foreigners who are among the first laborers in Japan to lose their jobs as the global financial crisis eats into demand for cars, trucks and motorcycles. The layoffs are the first evidence that the mushrooming economic meltdown in the United States and elsewhere which is shaking the Japanese labor market. At the core of the trend are hard times for the Japanese car industry. No. 1 producer Toyota Motor Corp and Nissan, Japan's third-largest automaker too is cutting back on domestic production. Most vulnerable to layoffs are the foreign workers who meet Japan's labor shortage as the country ages. Foreigners are often hired through temporary employment agencies, so they can be easily fired. They live in company housing, so they lose their apartments when they lose their jobs. There hasn't been a marked increase in homelessness, but anecdotes of foreigners having to move in with friends or relatives abound. Some foreign laborers have already abandoned Japan amid mounting troubles. Nepal's Child Soldiers Maoist child soldiers in Nepal are facing tough problems in terms o their reintegration with their respective families. Many of these child soldiers are struggling as civilians - having lost the power they once had as feared rebels and paying the price for their stance during the 10 year civil war. Almost 3,000 child soldiers, who have been confirmed as underage by the UN, are still living in Maoist camps across the country, with the former rebels afraid they will be re-recruited by other armed groups if they are released. There are specifically concerns that they might join other armed groups and there are people who, even if they came very late into the cantonments, have had some degree of physical and even military training there. Although UNICEF and other children's organisations have started working with child soldiers, both inside and outside the camps, to facilitate their return home. The process, however, is expected to be a tedious one. Child poverty in Britain Britain has one of the worst rates of child poverty in the industrialized world which is "shaming" this country. Around 3.6 million children, 28 per cent of the total, are living in poverty despite efforts by the Government to tackle the problem. It is appalling that in Britain in 2005 there are children whose parents cannot afford even the basic necessities others take for granted, such as a warm winter coat and three meals a day. We are seeing a new determination to tackle poverty but it is vital that we keep up the pressure on the Government to stick to its pledge to eradicate poverty by 2020. Poverty shames a relatively wealthy country like ours and we have a duty to stamp it out. It is shameful that poverty is still the greatest single threat to the well-being of children and families in the UK. India's no to refugees Refugees are the last thing India wants at this hour. Our country is already flooded with migrants and refugees from neighboring countries. India's porous borders allow all and sundry to escape lives full of destitution on account of war or poverty back home. Such influx has raised domestic problems within India. Our neighbors never get tired of exerting their political, social and economic sovereignty, their indisputable right to resolve the issues within their boundaries without any external interference. Good, they should. At the same time they must remember that right and responsibilities go hand in hand. If they cannot fulfill their responsibility of ensuring their safety they have no right to object to statements that arise from countries which are at risk of getting affected by their internal problems. It must understand that we cannot and will not provide for the refugee influx. To prevent that is the only option before Sri Lankans. *******www.instablogs****/