Watch Fatt Trixx Unfold, Ferr Gloves when You Buy a Handbag

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Fatt Trixx The makers of Unisex handbags, LUS edition. L is for the Luxury look for when you go out on th...
Fatt Trixx The makers of Unisex handbags, LUS edition. L is for the Luxury look for when you go out on the town U is for the Urban look for when you just out and about in the city streets. S is for the Sporty look witch gives you the HANDS FREE STYLE. You are going to love this bag ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Fatt Trixx is the only TRUE 3-n-1 hand bag . leisure bag and purse. It has two netted pockets that holds your iPod and Cell phone,. Fatt Trixx is also equipped with a slot on the shoulder strap that holds your ear phone wires back and out the way of what you are doing. It also has an Organizer on the inside that unzips and folds out across your chest. It is easy justifiable for retrieving items you may have stored in it. Fatt Trixx Has what we call HANDS FREE MODE. You just unbutton the hand straps and pull the two straps out and you will notice a patented design. The hand straps has a elastic Band witch attach each hand strap together for shoulder to shoulder hands free stabilization. You can place each arm into the hand strap openings and adjust it to be HANDS FREE. Now you can fun , cycle, play with out laying you handbag down. Fatttrixx also looks piratically invisible under your blazer or jacket. You will love its bag and all that it will allow you to now do For the women we have a hidden bag compartment at the bottom the of the bag. It opens to allow you to pull out the hidden bag that covers the bottom of the purse. His is the Luxury style of the handbag.. This is the Trixx part of the Fat Trixx logo. You will love this Unisex handbag Shop back with us soon. www.fatttrixx**** *******www.fatttrixx**** ************************************************************* When you buy a set of gloves you will get the second set for FREE. go to fatttrixx**** abd see the 1-800 video then Pick up a handbag and get the same offer.. . the handbag is great in Hands Free Style Buy one Fatt Trixx 3-n-1 Handbag and get a set of Driving Gloves FREE. Two Items for the price of one . www.fatttrixx**** Diane Minor, Tyrone Austin, Inventions Desigms & Concepts ************************************************************** The most creative handbag ever Id you know that Fatt Trixx was the most creative handbag on the market todate, You can go from a Luxury handbag to a Urban look to a handbag that you can work out in, It even has a slot to hold the long headphone wire back and out the way. Now is that cool or what. They even has a added bounus, FREE set of maching driving gloves with each hand abg purchase. Try to collect then all.