Meera - Jewellery Designer to TV Host and Now Singer

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Meera - Jewellery Designer to TV Host and now Singer There is a new voice waiting in the wings to capture ...
Meera - Jewellery Designer to TV Host and now Singer There is a new voice waiting in the wings to capture your heart-Meera.Raw appeal, soul,rap,reggae, pop-all springing from the heart of a young and charming new debutante from Canada. Meeras debut album My Ranjha! Is going to hit you between the eyes. Itss a superb combination of earthy Punjabi Lyrics with new age music orchestration, bringing in an all new international and Indian groovy feel to the album. The album features songs which are pacy, sensual and foot tapping. The lyrics are peppered with mischief and romance. The album is not only about dance and frolic. Meera has soul and poignancy in her music. Altogether the album showcases Meeras ability to successfully straddle the twin demands of the traditional musical flavor and ethos of Punjabi and the very modern international dance music face that Punjabi music has come to present to the world in keeping with the globalization of the ever enterprising Punjabi community. The music by Gurmeet Singh and Sachin Gupta is commendable. The employment of instrument, back ups, string section and the entire arrangement reveals artistry, sensitivity and class. After moving to Canada she started her own High end Jewelers Business named Raj & Meera's India Jewelers in Toronto &soon became one of best name brands in the south Asian Community. For the past 15 years she has had A TV show in Toronto on the latest trends in fashion & Jewelers. And her own half hour TV program called HELLO-G which was aired on prime time channels. This show contained high end Punjabi, Hindi &Urdu poetry accompanied with beautiful melodies from both India & Pakistan. This show was widely appreciated by all South Asians both young & old. But Meera was still not content with just doing that. So here it is her debut album "MY RANJHA" as a dream of all times coming true. The inspiration to write/compose& sing this style of music came from her love towards both Indian & Western music. It is a unique fusion between East & West in a remarkably ROMANTIC WAY. Her smooth sultry voice accompanied with elegant style & cool confidence is very captivating. H.S.COMMUNICATION