Global Report - 31-October-2008

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*******www.instablogs****/ US relaxes visa rules to boost tourism The American might is melting in the hea...
*******www.instablogs****/ US relaxes visa rules to boost tourism The American might is melting in the heat of economic recession. The financial setback has compelled Uncle Sam to extend an openhearted invitation to potential visitors from countries it would have otherwise resisted tooth and nail. In an effort to ease the pressures of economic downturn the American think tanks are looking towards tourism. US tourism has therefore decided to ease the visa rules through expansion of visa waiver program. Travelers from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia along with South Korea will also be allowed to visit the U.S. for 90 days without visas. International travel is absolutely critical to supporting the American. The economies worldwide have slumped; they have eaten into both foreign wealth along with American wealth. With the financial crisis, people are generally going to be very careful about traveling now since it's going to be more expensive because of higher energy prices and the rising U.S. dollar. Though this is a worrisome prospect any hike in overseas travel at this point of time is likely to ease financial pressures and is therefore welcome. Pakistan revives tribal militias Calling for organized action by local tribesman is indeed a clever strategy for uprooting the Taliban groups in the tribal areas of Pakistan. The tribesmen are armed they know their home ground well, they are motivated for action against terrorists joining hands with Pakistan’s military forces and foreign support can yield promising results in the immediate future. the need of the hour is to run intensive campaigns of awareness and establish understandings between local tribesmen and military and foreign agencies in order to make quick and effective action possible. This will not only cleanse the tribal belt of terrorists but also create new channels for the development of these backward areas. Whaling in the name of research As the ageing Japanese whaling industry continues its intrepid struggle to justify itself Japan the question of whether any of the purported killings carried any scientific value has been raised time and again by protestors. Furthermore with refrigerator storehouses full of uneaten meat the industry is running out of excuses to keep the general public believing that they enjoy eating whale. However a new backward protesting strategy has emerged from the wake of another whaling season picking up speed. Let them do it support it. Author and environmental activist Mark Brazil suggest that in order for the government subsidized whaling industry to see the senseless of their hunts the protesting public only need to promote the sale of the whale meat. Call the government out into full disclosure of accountability contrary to suspicions of media’s heavily laden with inevitable levels of mercury if the government is backing it the meat must be safe. Right. In a country whose food industry has been ravaged at all levels by scandal after scandal perhaps blatant opposition is not the best way to back the government into corner and invoke change. Elite Squad portrays Brazilian violence One of the main features of Brazilian cinema is the realism (or neo-realism). Elite Squad, from the movie maker Jose Padilha is no exception to this rule. The only problem is that maybe he has gone too far on his film. This movie, turned in large part in Rio slums caused the most diverse reactions of the Brazilian public: from laughter to horror. Beatings, suffocation, threat of rape, blood bath and the constant state of fear in the movie have made many international critics pointed to Elite Troop as a film that is favorable to fascism. But that is not true. The fact that the violence be banalized in Brazil stems from more than 40 thousand homicides that occur annually here. Cinema is art, fiction. The reality is that it is brutal. After all, a movie is just a movie and this one particularly reflects what happens in a sick society." *******www.instablogs****/