Grado Lab "The Dark Art" Project-Episode 1-Disassemble Part1

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There are many detail DIY forums addressing step by step re-cabling headphone, but no videos. I decided to ...
There are many detail DIY forums addressing step by step re-cabling headphone, but no videos. I decided to put an end to that, a detail DIY video on how to re-cable, open the transducer housing and improve the over all look by smoothing the rough edges result from the plastic casting process. Detail video instruction and motives, how to inspect, disassemble, components needed and tips. The standard Grado 3.5mm stereo jack doesn’t seem to fit properly on some headphone input socket, this is because the jack has a protruding flange just after the jack. I will be replacing this with something slimmer. Comparing it to some of the other jacks I have and I found it has a similar length. The only difference is the protruding part that I mention earlier. Use your thumb to detach the transducer from the bracket that holds it in place, remember to place the peg that holds the transducer back on the bracket, don’t loose it. Pry the bracket open one side at a time. This is the most important part of the video, check for the type of glue used to hold the two halves of the transducer housing. The transducer housing is the part where sound comes out from. It's made up of two parts, the transducer side and the grill side ( the side with the SR60 badge ). Test for the type of glue by using the hot needle method, heat the blunt end of the needle and touch the glue, it should melt upon contact. After that, roughly measure the distance from the grill to the transducer with the blunt end of the needle. Gently poke through the grill holes and touch the transducer , the transducer is the round metal just behind the SR60 badge. Keep holding the needle and run it along the out side of the grill housing to visually note the distance from the grill to the transducer, this will serve as a minimum water level mark, the motive of this is to use as little hot water and not soak the transducer in hot water. With the grill side facing down on the plate, on the SR60 the minimum mark should slightly be below the wire that goes into the transducer and my maximum would probably be slightly above the cable. The transducer should be about where the cable goes in. Use fresh boiling water. Hot water will be poured with the grill side facing down in a plate. It usually takes about 15sec for the glue to soften. IF THE VIDEO IS TO DARK ADJUST THE COLOR/CONTRAS/ BRIGHTNESS SETTING OF YOUR MONITOR. BEST SETTING IS DEFAULT. I'M IN THE PROCESS OF PUTTING VOICE OVER. MANY VIDEO STILL NEED TO BE UPLOADED, TOPIC REGARDING THIS MOD IS STILL AT EDITORIAL STAGES, I WILL DO MY BEST TO UPLOAD THEM. THANKS Visit : *******duniavideographer.blogspot****/