Global Report - 17-December-2008

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*******www.instablogs**** Media in Pakistan The arrival of private TV channels, news websites and private ...
*******www.instablogs**** Media in Pakistan The arrival of private TV channels, news websites and private print publications has certainly broken the monotony of few government dominated media channels, the sole means of information available to the public of the country a decade ago. Nonetheless, the goal of maintaining a free media still remains an ideal yet to attain, as the Musharraf government imposed its own biases on certain ethnic population of the country especially in Baluchistan. This dictatorial policy has not only thwarted the coverage of problems related to the troubled regions but also violated the basic human right to present human problems in one’s own society. At the present moment journalists all over the country need to get more organized and strive together as a single body for freedom of speech against authoritative oppression. Jew-Muslim Hebron clash The violence in Hebron is a never end story. It has started long time ago after the Israeli occupation that took place in 1967. Since that time, Israeli authorities took every needed action to enhance and increase the Jewish population and touch by building big settlements and taking many lands that belong to Palestinians by force. When it comes to Hebron, it is always about history and religion for both Jewish and Muslims. The core issue for such conflict is always the old city of Hebron and specifically, the Ibrahim Mosque (according to Jews it is called Abraham cave), which is the heart of the old city. And the cause of most of the conflicts between settlers and Palestinians population. Mexican Doctors protest drug crime Hundreds of doctors wearing surgical masks, demonstrated Friday in Ciudad Juarez, across from El Paso, Texas to protest a wave of kidnappings and death threats targeting the medical community. They also held a 24-hour work stoppage. Doctors have been caught in the middle of Mexico's drug war, for treating the wounded. Some speculate that drug cartels are targeting businesses and the medical community to supplement income amid a government crackdown. The City's Medical College says 32 doctors have received death threats, and six have been kidnapped in the last year. *******www.instablogs****