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In this Marketing With Audio And Video excerpt, Kristy Nichols and I (Penny Haynes) conclude our discussion...
In this Marketing With Audio And Video excerpt, Kristy Nichols and I (Penny Haynes) conclude our discussion of how to make natural script writing easy and quick. Some tips include starting small at first with shorter, simpler projects, and using a free teleprompter you can find at *******www.FreePrompter****. video As a late breaking news brief, I have more proof that marketing with audio and video works, and works well. Tonight, I was contacted by someone from a local radio station who found me by searching on Google. He followed the breadcrumbs, and went from site to site of mine, and called me immediately about possibly being interviewed on an early morning radio show talking about podcasting and online video, and also possibly helping their sales force use online audio and video to better produce and make their presentations with the Commercial Creation Center. Now, all I am doing is posting audio and video, and making sure that I always put a link to my important (or relevant) sites. Doing it on a consistent basis helps me stay at the top of search engine rankings. You NEVER know who may run across you while they are researching a topic. So, as I have said before, put a link back to your business in EVERY POST. It bolsters your search engine rankings. In my blog feed, I have an automatic "signature", which adds my name and Commercial Creation Center link to the bottom of every post, so I don't have to worry about forgetting it. So everywhere that my blog/podcast is syndicated, there is the link to my business. Lastly, '101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business) comes out next week, come hell or high water (which means with or without graphics, in my case). I just want to get the show on the road, and get this book into the hands of people who are struggling to build their business, and show them that it can be quick, easy and inexpensive to do it.