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*******s30.rexharris**** One of the easiest, most effective ways to harvest leads, generate sales, get tra...
*******s30.rexharris**** One of the easiest, most effective ways to harvest leads, generate sales, get traffic or produce sign ups in an MLM or business opportunity is a safe list. Now you might think, "Rex, I've used safe lists forever and nothing has worked," but I assure you, that if you make the right changes, the results will change as well. What many people, who are currently using safe lists, don't realize is that even things like the punctuation you chose, upper case letters and other variables can send your message (regardless of how good it might be) directly to the spam file, or even worse, not deliver it at all. Most marketers don't realize the importance of a GREAT subject line! They think a GREAT subject line is hyped up with words like EXPLOSIVE, DYNAMITE, AMAZING or FREE. Nothing could be further from the truth, and I am going to prove it! What I'm going to show you is a method of e-mail marketing that is ABSOLUTELY effective! You'll see by the guarantee I have put with this product that I have 100% confidence that those who apply, what I"m about to share, will see GREAT results IF they follow the directions. For example... did you know that by simply using a phrase like MLM that your e-mail message will, most likely, be rejected by an e-mail host? It's true! Even if you use that phrase in something other than a "sales intended" manner, it can have negative effects. All of this information, and more, is contained in Safe List 3.0! Thanks for stopping by! *******s30.rexharris****