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Aero-TV Chats With Joe Leader, President, Air-Taxi Association With the economy heading for the deck like ...
Aero-TV Chats With Joe Leader, President, Air-Taxi Association With the economy heading for the deck like a plugged mallard, we had to wonder if this presents some opportunities or obstacles for the ever-burgeoning Air-Taxi market. With this question in mind, Aero-TV checked in with Joe Leader, the President of the Air-Taxi Association. As an expert on very light jets and next generation air taxis with the first business Ph.D. dissertation worldwide on the subjects, Joe Leader has worked with industry leaders in forming the Air Taxi Association (ATXA) and now serves as its President. With more than a dozen years of executive experience at both entrepreneurial and multi-billion dollar companies, Leader uses the combination of his professional and academic expertise to build bridges across the industry. Leader has an air-taxi-focused research book entitled “Takeoff Velocity: The Air Taxi and VLJ Impact on the Future of Business Travel” on the market, where it is available via retailers online including Amazon****, Amazon*******, Borders, Target, and Walden Books. The Air Taxi Association (ATXA) is leading the revolution in personal air travel at greatly reduced prices – expanding the market for air travel by taking people off our crowded roads and into our open skies on next-generation aircraft. Backed by leading air taxi companies, the Air Taxi Association’s mission is to speed the adoption of the air taxi model so that more businesses, individuals, and communities of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of direct, personal flights. With over a dozen products and services available, the Air Taxi Association is uniting the industry, expanding the market for aviation, and helping shape the future of air travel. The Air Taxi Association (ATXA) and its founding members fully support the cornerstone associations of our industry. Since ATXA does not currently engage in lobbying or government regulatory work, these groups provide critical efforts for the success of our industry. The Air Taxi Association encourages its members to support and join these pivotal aviation organizations on the right. Join In The Discussion About Air-Taxi's Future With ATXA's Joe Leader and Aero-TV! FMI: www.atxa****,****,****/aerotvnetwork, *******twitter****/AeroNews Copyright 2009, Aero-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved.