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*******OregonCityHouseCleaners**** Lake Oswego House Cleaners Lake Oswego House Cleaners Tips: The Benefit ...
*******OregonCityHouseCleaners**** Lake Oswego House Cleaners Lake Oswego House Cleaners Tips: The Benefit of Compost Lake Oswego House Cleaners Take 1 Compost is basically the equivalent of the good stuff in soil (humus) that sustains plant life. It helps the soil retain moisture, assists with the formation of good soil structure and provides nutrients. Lake Oswego House Cleaners Take 2 So much of what we send to landfill consists of vegetation that could be used in our garden. Around 200 pounds of vegetable waste is thrown out by each family, each year. Multiply that by millions of families and that’s a lot of garbage that has to be transported. By setting up your own compost pile you’ll not only be helping your garden, you’ll be helping the planet in other ways. Here are some simple things you can do for more effective composting. Lake Oswego House Cleaners Take 3 - It’s important to get the right mix of carbon and nitrogen materials in a compost heap. The carbon based stuff is mainly dry; things like newspaper, straw and dry cuttings. The items rich in nitrogen will mostly be wet - vegetable scraps and lawn clippings. Ideal conditions are said to be 1 part wet/green to 25 parts dry/ brown. You don’t have to be this fussy, but an overly dry compost heap will take ages to break down (been there) and one too wet will start to smell (been there too). It does take a bit of practice and a watchful eye. Lake Oswego House Cleaners Take 4 - Care needs to be taken when adding lawn clippings. These are usually very moist and rich in nitrogen. As they are so wet, they’ll clump together, dispelling the oxygen needed by the aerobic bacteria and the pile will get quite smelly - a strong ammonia type whiff due to anaerobic decomposition. It’s best to mix clippings in thoroughly with the pile, or spread the lawn clippings out for a few days to dry a little and then add them. Lake Oswego House Cleaners Take 5 - Select a well drained area to establish your pile; preferably over soil so that worms can access it. The compost pile should be in a sunny position in colder climates or a shady area in warm climates - A three sided pen will help to keep your pile tidy. This can be made from star droppers and strong mesh or pallets nailed together. Lake Oswego House Cleaners Take 6 - To speed up composting, break down materials into smaller pieces or shred; and turn the pile regularly - The pile should always be warm or hot - if you dig a small hole into the pile and put your hand near it, you should feel it being warmer than the air temperature. If it’s cold, you need to add more green stuff. - The pile should always be moist, but not dripping. If it’s dry, spray water on the pile and then work it through. Lake Oswego House Cleaners Take 7 If you’re thinking of getting into composting in a big way; there’s all sorts of tools available such as bins set in frames with a handle for turning. A multiple bin/pile system is also useful so you can stop with one pile at a certain point and let that totally decompose while adding fresh stuff to a new pile. Lake Oswego House Cleaners Take 8 Things you can add to compost piles Newspaper, cardboard, eggshells, vegetable scraps, law clippings, cuttings, hair, manure from herbivores, leaves, sawdust, coffee grounds and filters, tea leaves - basically any plant material that that’s not too thick. Lake Oswego House Cleaners Take 9 Things to avoid Dog and cat droppings, fish, meat and dairy products, weeds, grease and oil. The reason for avoiding most of these is that there is a disease risk and rodents and other animals may be attracted. I have composted dog droppings before, but basically in a bin of their own with lawn clippings. It doesn’t smell all that good during the early stages :). If you do compost pet droppings, don’t apply the resulting co...