Rock Band 2 Vs Guitar Hero 3

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Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero 3? Everyone asks this question when considering purchasing one or the other, so ...
Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero 3? Everyone asks this question when considering purchasing one or the other, so I'm going to tell you what I think about them both and let you decide! BUY GUITAR HERO 3 GUITAR FOR PS3: *******www.Extreme-Days****/buy/gh3ps3.html BUY GUITAR HERO 3 GUITAR FOR 360: *******www.Extreme-Days****/buy/gh3360.html BUY GUITAR HERO 3 GUITAR FOR Wii: *******www.Extreme-Days****/buy/gh3wii.html BUY ROCK BAND 2 GUITAR FOR PS3: *******www.Extreme-Days****/buy/rb2ps3.html BUY ROCK BAND 2 GUITAR FOR 360: *******www.Extreme-Days****/buy/rb2360.html BUY ROCK BAND 2 GUITAR FOR Wii: *******www.Extreme-Days****/buy/rb2wii.html Check Out The Blog: *******www.Extreme-Days**** Follow Me On Twitter: *******Twitter****/Godismyrock Join Me On Facebook: *******www.Extreme-Days****/facebook.html The overall look of the Rockband 2 guitar controller, in my opinion, looks much cleaner and realistic and I personally like the look of it more. This being said, Guitar Hero 3 did come out first and quite a while before so they didn't have anything to improve on except their original design from the previous Guitar Hero's. I prefer the Guitar Hero 3 buttons over the Rockband 2 buttons because they're easier to navigate when you're not looking at them. I find that with the Rockband 2 guitar, I lose my fingering a lot more often and then have a difficult time trying to get it back without looking down at my hand. Another downside to the Rock Band guitar and a plus to the Guitar Hero controller is that Guitar Hero has a big raised line on the yellow button that you can easily feel and tell which finger the yellow button is on. The Rock Band guitar has little pin bumps, which, with a little bit of use, wear right down to nothing so there is no way of telling what button your finger is on. As far as the strumbar goes, I prefer the Guitar Hero 3 version again, but I can easily deal with the Rockband 2 version. The only thing I don't like about the Rock Band 2 strumbar is that you can't hear or feel the click when you've strummed up or down. Again, this is just my preference, but I could use either and it doesn't hinder my gameplay too much. My opinion on the whammy bar is that I would prefer a mix between the two. I think that Guitar Hero got it right with the angle of the bar, but messed up with the length, but Rockband got the length right and the angle off. If they made the length as long as the Rock Band 2 version and the angle the angle of the Guitar Hero 3 version I think it would be golden! The other controls on both guitars are fine with me, I have no preference of which setup I like better in this area. One cool thing that Rock Band implemented is a button to change which controller number you are without having to go into the settings in the XMB. So I think my vote would have to go to Rockband 2 for the additional controls. Rockband also implemented a cool idea with the strap nubs. They made them to be screwed in so that you could move the nub to make the guitar controller for either a lefty or a righty player. This, I think, was a very smart move by Rock Band 2. While I'm at it, I might as well mention that the Rock Band 2 guitar controller has an on/off switch in the back. This gets great use, from me anyway, as I don't have to worry about hitting the PS button on the Rockband guitar when I don't intend to use it. I think that just about sums up all the differences that I thought were noteable between the two guitar versions. I would say, don't base your opinion on which guitar I like, but for you to go out yourself and try both guitars and see which one feels more comfortable to you. It doesn't matter what it looks like, but if it's going to hinder your gameplay just to look pretty, I'd say go with the one that fits your playing style! *******www.themodelship****