PDP. Eat My, Exhaust

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This is a cool commercial / how to video about the installation of a exhaust ventilating fan system superc...
This is a cool commercial / how to video about the installation of a exhaust ventilating fan system supercharged by Power washing Dragon and Painting PdP. Long Island NY's "#1 Grime fighters. This is part 2 of the chronicles "mold and mildew unchecked". This is one of our how to, after and before videos of an installation of a exhaust ventilating fan system that we put in one of the apts we now oversee Before you could actually see condensation dripping off the windows, and walls which were, hot and humid, out of direct sunlight, perfect conditions for mildew amd mold spores to multiply. Mold unchecked can be dangerous especially once the spores go airborne. The common health problems from molds include hay-fever like allergic symptoms. Certain people with chronic respiratory disease (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, bronchitis/asthma) may experience difficulty breathing. Individuals with immune deficiency may be at greater risk for infection from molds. Rare but possible are incidence of pulmonary hemorrhage or memory loss. If you or your family members notice these conditions, a certified medical clinician should be sought for diagnosis and treatment directly. In general, one should take routine measures to prevent the occurrence of mold in the home. The truth is everybody likes a long hot shower.but common sense tells out we should open windows and doors afterwards but of course if it cold outside no one wants to do that ,thus enters the exhaust fan. This bldg. previously had no maintenance contract what so ever, now that where been contracted by the landlord , to maintain and beautify said premises we have to stick to a step by step *Property Improvement Plan designed by us, approved by the landlord. Our PIP* includes remediation of algae mold and mildew along with delivering a handsome finish to this bathroom and in hopes of preventing a reoccurrence of the initial problem- that would be part 3.. . Enjoy, be informed, and or totally grossed out. This was put together as a cool commercial for us and or a DIY, how to for those who like to take matters into their own hands and dont mind getting them dirty. For everybody else, you got us, Power Washing Dragon and Painting PDP. The Difference, Is Here. Mold and mildew remediation is just one of the services that PdP. provides. This footage happens to be taken In Bay Shore N.Y. in a apartment complex that just signed a property management contract with us.