Geithner; "the Fraud from the BEST of the BEST It Won't Work

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Allah knows All With China studying the past in how we brought England to their knees after they invaded E...
Allah knows All With China studying the past in how we brought England to their knees after they invaded Egypt's ports with Israel and France, China will SELL our debt on the market (U.S. Treasury). North Korea doesn't receive food aid from the South NO-MORE! And, the spring will be a beautiful month for collecting food for its people! WAR--- the North is staving! America isn't doing very well also! So please try to understand how others live in the world! Men with power do VERY stupid things But, Madam Secretary Clinton, to speak to the Great Leader with such disrespect is not good! The North only knows him as the Great Leader, nothing more, nothing less! Mrs. Clinton, may think she speaks with the education from Oxford University is fine but she doesn’t realize HER GRAVE errors to the NORTH. April 20th 2009 the world will cry, Our stock Market will collapse on this Day as Men with power that lie to America's Government have created this mess, and still can't HELP themselves from GREED and Bonuses! “It NEVER Stops”… It NEVER will as more and more men woman and children are becoming HOMELESS on the streets. “Wall Street doesn’t care and they never will”… But, our Government will always lie and protect them to keep their secrets to protect the mighty dollar from collapse. It’s too late as the people of the world will truly understand there LIES, GREED, and how they blame the Muslim world for their problems! President Eisenhower we will sell your pounds; and bring Great Britain to YOUR Knees Allah knows ALL On October 29, 1956, Israeli troops invaded Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and quickly overcame opposition as they raced for Suez. The next day, Britain and France, following their part of the script, offered to temporarily occupy the Canal Zone and suggested a 10 mile buffer on either side which would separate the Egyptian forces from the Israelis. Nasser of course refused, and on October 31, Egypt was attacked and invaded by the military forces of Britain and France. In response to these developments, the Soviet Union, which at the time was ruthlessly suppressing an anti-Communist uprising in Hungary, threatened to intervene on Egypt's behalf. President Eisenhower of the United States pressured Britain, France and Israel into agreeing to a cease-fire and eventual withdrawal from Egypt. The United States, caught by surprise by the dual invasions, was more concerned with the Soviet war in Hungary and the Cold War than with Britain and France's dealings involving Suez. The last thing President Eisenhower wanted was a wider war over Suez. The war itself lasted for only a week, and invading forces were withdrawn within the month. As a result, Egypt now firmly aligned herself with the Soviet Union, which armed Egypt and other Arab nations for the continuing struggle against Israel. Allah knows ALL Love for all, Norman LeBoon Sr.