Smoking Luci (Luciano) Electronic Cigarettes (e-Cigarettes) 101

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*******www.myluci****/ref/greensmokes *******greensmokes.blogspot**** No tar! Get your nicotine fix withou...
*******www.myluci****/ref/greensmokes *******greensmokes.blogspot**** No tar! Get your nicotine fix without the the 4000+ other harmful chemicals and cancer-causing carcinogens, found in regular cigarettes, with Luci electronic cigarettes: Smokes with benefits! Luci e-cigarettes will help you regain your freedom to smoke anywhere: Clubs, bars, restaurants, even airplanes! Kick the tobacco, not the habit, with Luci e-cigs! Quit paying ridiculously high tobacco taxes! Get no more stains or bad breath: Luci e-smokes are dentist recommended! By looking at a Luci smoker, you would not be able to tell that Luci does not have smoke. When inhaling Luci, you are inhaling a cleaner and healthier vapor instead of smoke. You still inhale and exhale what appears to be smoke, but it is actually water based. Here are 9 reasons why you should smoke Luci e-cigs instead of regular "old-fashioned" smokes: --Luci contains no tar, pollutants, second-hand smoke, or carcinogenic substances. --Luci contains safety features to prevent excessive nicotine intake. --Luci does not burn tobacco allowing convenient smoking indoors. --Replacement cartridges are a low cost alternative to cigarettes. --Luci leaves no unpleasant burn marks on furniture, carpet, or car seats. --Luci leaves no messy ash or residues to clean up. --The Luci battery is rechargeable, therefore eliminating the need for lighters, and turns on automatically. --Luci smoke is quickly oderless upon dispersal and does not leave long-term offensive odors like cigarette smoke. --Luci is dentist recommended and won't leave you with stained teeth and bad breath. For more info & to purchase your own Luci: *******www.myluci****/ref/greensmokes *******greensmokes.blogspot****