Today's Top Stories (April 6, 2009)

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Mousavi: The nuclear issue is similar to the oil nationalization issue In his first press conference in the...
Mousavi: The nuclear issue is similar to the oil nationalization issue In his first press conference in the new Iranian year, presidential hopeful Mir Hosein Mousavi, drew an analogy between the issue of Iran’s quest for nuclear energy technology and its struggle for the nationalization of its oil industry over fifty years ago. According to the reports obtained by WashingtonTV from Tehran, Mousavi dated the inception of Iran’s nuclear activities back to his own government and said: “We must note that we may not back down in the nuclear issue, because it is as momentous as a possible retreat in claiming our rights in the oil nationalization campaign in the 1950s.” He added: “We are committed to peaceful use of nuclear energy.” Showered by questions from foreign correspondence about Iran-US bonds in the Obama administration, Mousavi re-affirmed that Iran awaits concrete changes in US policies. Iran prevents university professor from leaving the country Iran’s Labor News Agency (ILNA) reported today that Iranian officials stopped human rights university professor Mehdi Zakerian from leaving the country to attend a conference on Palestinians due to be held in Italy. Zakerian’s lawyer, Mohammad Sharif, told ILNA that his client was heading for Florence, Italy, on March 25 when he was turned back. Zakerian was arrested last summer on charges of espionage but ILNA’s report did not mention his charges and the date of his arrest. Zakerian is a member of Iran’s Center for Scientific Research and Strategic Studies of the Middle East, an NGO and the head of the Israeli Studies at that Center. Parents of Iranian-American journalist visit her in Evin prison The parents of the Irainain-American journliast, Roxana Saberi, managed to visit her in Evin prison north of Tehran, today, according to her attorney, Abdulsamad Khorramshahi. AFP reports that Khorramshahi who accompanied Reza and Akiko Saberi as far as the gate of the prison said they found their daughter in good health after the visit. A family friend said the Saberi family visited their daughter for 20 minutes in the presence of a warden. The Saberis arrived in Tehran yesterday to see their daughter, 31, who has been held since January without announcing the charges against her.