My Music Ticket Get Paid To Social Network

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. *******www.wisenetworker**** . Yes, you heard me right! Its time to get paid for something most of us do...
. *******www.wisenetworker**** . Yes, you heard me right! Its time to get paid for something most of us do and do rather well. IF YOU ARE AN: social network bum (facebook, myspace, linkedin, bebo etc etc) aspiring musician band artist networker internet marketer network marketer affiliate marketer work from home person entrepeuner IF YOU: love music love money have a product have a service have an opportunity promote any blog, website or anything love building teams download music listen to music download videos listen to videos in or around the age of 15-65+ (yes we have someone that is 65 already pr-enrolled) IF YOU HAVE: skills or no skills job or no job love for networks, money, team building, success need to earn additional stream of income This NEW Music Social Global Network is launching this coming Monday, and experts say this is going to be bigger than Facebook, MySpace and YouTube!! If you want to be at the top along with me, and My Team Is In a Very High Position, (The Fourth From The Top), get on this pre-recorded call, ASAP, or at least BEFORE MONDAY, APRIL 13th, 2009, AT 9.00 AM, Eastern Standard Time, and get everyone that you know on the call, and standing by for the Launch Of The Century. This is a Pre Recorded call: (GET INFO RIGHT NOW!!) (641) 715-3900 Pin Code 64262# FACTS: My Space has over 250 million users and earned over 1 billion dollars last year (estimated to be 2 billion this year). FaceBook is catching up fast with over 700,000 new users every day and growing, and growing. And You Tube who is not far behind!! Imagine if you were at the fore front of any of these sites, and they paid you (which, obviously they do not), for just referring people to the site. I am giving YOU an opportunity to get on board to get paid some serious money, BIGTIME!......I am talking about $118,063 per month on a filled matrix. Hard to achieve? Well with the 3x10 forced matrix what happens is your upline support recruits and can only have 3 members on their initial front line. The additional recruits get filtered downline to help build YOUR network and help you make money!! Would you like to earn income every time someone just looks at your website, even if they did not buy any of your products or join your business opportunity? A Few Facts & Benefits: • You can promote up to 40 pages. Not just (1) page like all the other social networks. • Every time you chat with'll Get PAID! • When people visit your'll Get PAID! • Send a message to another'll Get PAID! • When people play music from a database of 250,000 songsyou'll Get PAID! • Create a free email address and every time you send or receive'll Get PAID! • Every time visitors watch a video on one of your 50'll Get PAID! • When you add video's on YouTube and other'll Get PAID! Introduce others to this NEW sophisticated, Facebook'- MySpace- YouTube concept and receive a very generous monthly income, and revenue sharing from advertising, PLUS a fantastic residual income too. We are looking for leaders who want a Top Position in our company. If you are one of them, REPLY BACK IMMEDIATELY!!!! Get everyone you know on standby over the next few days for what I will guarantee, will be the LAUNCH OF THE CENTURY, ON APRIL 13, 2009! Do not be caught sitting on the fence for this one. Just get on the call and hear all about it. The number again is: (641) 715-3900 Pin Code 64262# *******www.strategicinternetmarketingsecrets****/my-music-ticket-paid-social-networking/ Robert Phillips & Justin D'Angelo Internet Marketing Consultants