(Regenesis 2x2) Matrix is Passive Income from Home

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*******www.soezacavemancandoit**** 800-676-8530 4 minute call to change your life. Whether you are simply ...
*******www.soezacavemancandoit**** 800-676-8530 4 minute call to change your life. Whether you are simply not interested in enrolling other Distributors, don't think you can, or maybe you just need some assistance in getting your business started The Automated Recruiting SystemÔ (A.R.S. ) has been designed with YOU in mind! Here's how it works: When you join REGENESIS you activate one, or more, Commission Centers in the 2x2 matrix for a one-time out of pocket expense of $300 (per CC). Since the product is The Automated Recruiting System (and 300 business opportunity seeker leads that you can use to promote any business opportunity) you are automatically included in the next marketing co-op where 2 new members will be recruited into your 2x2 matrix. We do all the marketing and all the recruiting for this fee and when we recruit for you - YOU will be indicated as the sponsor, which means YOU will earn the 100% Matching Bonuses from all of their 2x2 cycles! When you join REGENESIS you choose your future income by activating Income Producing Commission Centers. You can activate as many Commission Centers (CC's) as you want / and you can always add additional CC's at any time - each CC will receive 300 business opportunity seeker leads and we will recruit 2 members beneath your CC, which will cause this CC to begin cycling and earning $1,200 in net commissions every month. Your #1 CC will be sponsored by the person who referred you to REGENESIS and each person who you refer to REGENESIS will be sponsored beneath your #1 CC, which will benefit your sponsor by helping them to earn additional Royalty and Matching Bonus Income. When you activate additional CC's these CC's will be randomly placed within the company matrix where needed as this will help others to cycle. It is also through this placement process that the probability of each of your Commission Centers receiving upline spillover increases. Each CC that you activate will generate $1,200 in net monthly commissionable earnings to you - or more if you actively sponsor additional members yourself. Through an extensive and on-going advertising campaign that includes fax-blasting, Internet marketing, ads in newspapers (including USA Today), card-decks, magazine ads, direct mail and particularly telemarketing the company generates thousands of leads on an on-going basis. When people are contacted regarding REGENESIS they are directed to listen to our information line and view the fax-on-demand - then one of our Sales Associates will follow-up to answer questions and to recruit them into the business…. for YOU as a REGENESIS member! The best way to maximize this pay plan is to sponsor others yourself and use The Automated Recruiting System™ to have additional members sponsored FOR YOU! The Automated Sponsoring System™ is state of the art and has been used to build Huge Downlines in the past producing tens of millions of dollars in sales. Remember, each Income Producing Commission Center that you activate will generate $1,200 in net commissionable income for you per month (or more) if you personally sponsor additional members yourself!