Me In Mistah F.A.B.

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** My main website ***********/secrecyguy ** If you like to look at the entire music video, it'...
** My main website ***********/secrecyguy ** If you like to look at the entire music video, it's available here. ***********/watch?v=AJNtImvTDL8 I got this cameo part because I help him find a car to be used in the music video. You can also check out the behind the scenes photos here. *******s43.photobucket****/albums/e369/secrecyguy/Mistah%20Fab/ Here's the story. Someone instant message me and ask me where he can find an Ectomobile from the movie Ghostbusters because he is making a big production music video. So I told him he can ask Sean for it from *******www.proptopia****/ He goes by the name of Venkman71. He has a replica of it. The only problem is, Sean is in the process of selling it to someone he knows that own an ice cream parlor in another state. So it's now on display over there. Sean is working on a 2nd Ectomobile but it's not done yet. I also told him he has to get permission from Sony if he is going to use that Ghostbusters' car. He told me that the artist might get sign on to Sony. (Turns out he never sign on and Sony wasn't happy about the music video.) Well, anyway, several days passed and I asked him if he ever contected Sean about the Ectomobile and he said yes. He told me that they bringing the car back to California for him to use it. I also asked him if I could come by and watch them make the music video. I never seen a music video done before. I have seen t.v. shows and movies made before but never a music video. He told me that I can come by and watch. I went there and they let me take pictures there. I had a good time there and I talk to a few people there. I asked him how they sync up the video and the music so it will match. He told me that the video and the music are timed and they have the digital clap board. So that's how they can sync the music and video together. I learn something new! :) I saw the Ectomobile again. The first time I saw it was in Chatsworth when I was driving and I just happen to see it parked on the street next to a Cadilac place. I was happy and sad. Why? The first time I saw it, it was almost show room perfect. But the second time I saw it, it's starting to show it's ago, wear and tear, and rust is starting to appear. After the appearance, Sean decided to convert the Ecto 1 back into a hearse what it was originally. The reason is, he is already working on the 2nd Ecto 1 that will be more movie accurate. (WARNING) I just want to add this. We had a discussion about it at another forum. Ghost riding a car is a very dangerous activity. There have been lots of cases where people got killed doing this. This music video was done professionally with safety in mind. They took every steps to make sure no one get hurt in the making of this music video. Please do not attempt this. Thanks. Anyway, enjoy! :) Also check out my other videos by clicking on my name! :) Thanks.