Flaming Sazerac

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*******Absintheology**** The Sazerac is the first cocktail ever invented. A cocktail is a drink with more t...
*******Absintheology**** The Sazerac is the first cocktail ever invented. A cocktail is a drink with more than one liquor in it. A blend of alcohols which come together to create something new and interesting. The Sazerac is a drink that must be practiced, tested, tasted, and practiced again. Like a good martini, the Sazerac is not something that you can just make from a recipe. The flavors are subtle and balance on a knife's edge. What is great for one person is too bitter for another. A perfect blend of flavors for me may be too intense for you. There are a lot of recipes for the Sazerac, just as there are a lot of recipes for the Martini. Here is the recipe that mixologist, Jared Williams used for this video. It happens to be our favorite Sazerac, but you may prefer yours a bit different. We should point out that in this video Jared burns the sugar cube on the Sazerac. A lot of purists don't like to do this. Here at Absintheology we are not going to say it is right or wrong. We merely provide the information and suggest that you use common sense and good judgment in all things especially fire and alcohol. 1 shot Rye Whiskey (Jared uses Jim Beam) 1/4 shot Kübler Absinthe 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 sugar cube 2 dashes Peychaud's Bitters. 1/2 ounce water To make the Sazerac: Build in a glass: 1 shot rye whiskey (Jared uses Jim Beam) Absinthe spoon on the glass - sugar on the absinthe spoon Pour absinthe over the sugar Squeeze in juice from a quarter lemon (or add a tablespoon of lemon juice. Pour water over sugar cube to then stir in with the absinthe spoon. Pour into a shaker tin with ice. Strain into glass and top with soda water.