Qman & Alamo Trader Chat MiniSeries Pt. 2: TraderAlamo's Tact...

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(Interview Filmed 05.26.09) Guest Quint Tatro (a.k.a. the Qman) grabs the camera from FINZ.tv host TraderAl...
(Interview Filmed 05.26.09) Guest Quint Tatro (a.k.a. the Qman) grabs the camera from FINZ.tv host TraderAlamo and puts TraderAlamo in the hot seat! On the FINZ.tv Trading Chat Room and twitter during Memorial Day Weekend 2009, TraderAlamo predicted the coming week's market direction before the market opened on Tuesday. TraderAlamo said the would continue much higher despite several down days and many bearish patterns. But, if the technical setups coming into the Memorial Day Weekend were bearish and looked like good shorts, why did TraderAlamo assume the market would (correctly) go higher and traded from the long side? In this interview, TraderAlamo explains how he uses the flexibility and risk-taking he learned from Qman to tackle a tough trading market where basic technicals might not work. About Qman & Alamo Trader Chat MiniSeries In this exclusive TraderChat miniseries, two extraordinary traders and BFF's interview each other for a five part interview session released every Sunday night in June! The Qman and FINZ.tv's TraderAlamo get together for one special night. Qman and Alamo discuss key trading concepts, skills and attributes they admire and have learned from each other, and what they believe have helped them survive in the markets and make it as traders. And, they just might reveal the answer to the biggest question of all...is Alamo ACTUALLY ROBERT DOWNEY JR.? Sunday nights in June is Qman night! Watch the Qman & Alamo TraderChat miniseries followed by Qman's signature TAPETALK chart reviews Sunday evenings on Tickerville****. PART 1 (05.31.09): ABC's of Technical Analysis Reliable? PART 2 (06.07.09): Alamo's Tactics & Market Analysis PART 3 (06.14.09): Challenges of a Trader & Money Manager PART 4 (06.21.09): MULTIPLICITY - Trading Multiple Time Frames PART 5 (06.28.09): Trade the Trader **(TAPETALK is released every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights on Tickerville**** or follow Quint on twitter tickerville for TAPETALK updates!) **Follow Quint's trades, setups, and lessons on twitter: tickerville *******twitter****/tickerville . Quint Tatro's website: *******tickerville**** **Follow Alamo's trades, analysis, and market insights on twitter: traderalamo *******twitter****/traderalamo Want to be on FINZ.tv's Trader Chat? If you're in NYC, L.A., or Tampa (FL) email us at fanmailfinz.tv