Today's Top Stories (June 15, 2009)

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Today's Top Stories (June 15, 2009) - World reactions to disputed Iran election results UN Secretary-Gene...
Today's Top Stories (June 15, 2009) - World reactions to disputed Iran election results UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today: “The position of me and the United Nations is that the genuine will of the Iranian people should be fully respected.” He added: “I have to watch ... this situation, how it evolves.” European Union foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, also said today that he was “concerned by the latest images and news that arrived from Tehran. I hope very much that at the end of the day the will of the people will be respected.” He added that although there was little expectation of a change in Iran’s nuclear policy as a result of the election, the EU was still hoping to continue discussing the issue. British Foreign Secretary David Milliband also said today: “The very serious doubts that have been raised about the free and fair nature of the election counting process are obviously of major concern to many people in Iran.” He added: “I think that in the very short term people will continue to focus on what seems to be state violence against its own people in Tehran and elsewhere.” On Sunday night, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that "the actions of the Iranian security forces were completely unacceptable,” and he called on Iran to look into the allegations of irregularities of the election "immediately and without delay". Today, Steinmeier summoned Iran's ambassador to Berlin, protesting at the crackdown against protesters, the following results. France’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Eric Chevallier, said yesterday that Iran’s ambassador to France was summoned in view of the situation in Iran. “We hope that the ambassador will bring explanations regarding the events in Iran and will listen to our concerns,” Le Figaro newspaper quoted Chevallier as saying in a released statement. The statement continued: “While the campaign showed the vitality of democratic debate and the mobilization of Iranian civil society, France equally condemns the brutal repression of peaceful protests and the repeated attacks on press liberty, expression, and communication.” At the same time Israel’s defense minister, Ehud Barak said: "I'm not sure if the results reflect the real will of the Iranian people," adding: "The triumph of the extremists is bad news, as any kind of victory of extremists should be defined." Also on Sunday, the Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen, said in a statement: “The legitimacy of the election has been undermined by reports of fraud during the poll and vote counting." Iranian reaction world wide Iranians have been protesting the disputed re-election victory of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in many cities around the world, from Los Angeles to New York, Dubai, The Hague, and Kuala Lumpur where, according to AFP the police fired tear gas at the protestors. A crowd of around two hundred protestors also gathered outside the Iranian embassy in London. While singing nationalist and early revolution songs, such as “O Iran…” and “My Elementary School Comrade”, they also chanted slogans such as: “Ahmadi, the Pinochet: Iran will not become Chile” “Liar!” “Artillery, Tank, Fraud: Will not be effective anymore” “An Iranian will die but not accept abjection” Addressing Ahmadinejad: “You who professes justice; [give us] justice, justice” “Oh sweeper-brother, sweep off Mahmoud” “Dr. pay a visit to a Doctor” “God’s victory is close at hand; Death to the government that cheats its people”