Immune System Booster -protect Against Virus & Flu

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Immune system Booster *******www.uni-vite****/immunoshield FLU -help protect against by boosting your immu...
Immune system Booster *******www.uni-vite****/immunoshield FLU -help protect against by boosting your immune system Nature's strongest immune-enhancer Travelling on crowded public transport, working closely with others in offices or classrooms inevitably exposes you to infections - as commuters, teachers, parents and office workers are all too aware. That's why a clinically tested Immune Activator can be so important. Uni-Vite ImmunoShield contains a unique combination of WGP beta-glucans, a clinically testedimmuno-modulator, plus beta sitosterol, another nutrient tested as an immune enhancing agent. It is designed to help support the Innate Immune system - your first line of defence against infection by micro-organisms, viruses and bacteria. When the Department of Defence of a major NATO country tested 300 immuno-enhancers, the patented WGP beta glucans in ImmunoShield were No.1 for effectiveness. video produced by Robert nichol RNaudioproductions ipodity New Media *******www.allcast******