Ultimate Push Up Workout - Fitness Model Show How To Inclined Push Ups To Get Your Muscular Chest

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*******www.GuideToMuscleBuilding**** A simple push up workouts has many different versions. In this vide...
*******www.GuideToMuscleBuilding**** A simple push up workouts has many different versions. In this video, we will focus on the one that is going to build up your chest, shoulders and back muscles. In fact, for tightening and firming your chest muscles, the push up is one of the best exercises that you can do. It is a very simple body weight exercise which is suitable for both men and women. This version will show how to do a proper incline push-up. First, you placed your feet up on a block or a bench in order to put your feet in an elevated position. This makes the exercise more difficult and works the upper pectorals. In doing this exercise, when your body is in that position there should be a straight line from your shoulders all the way down to your feet. Your back should not be sagging or bowed, if it is you are cheating and you will not get any benefit out of this exercise. By performing your push up workouts in a series of sets. You will gain the maximum benefits from this movement by doing this. Would you like to gain 20 to 40 lbs of muscle mass and increase your strength by 300%... in no time at all? Check out *******www.GuideToMuscleBuilding****