Kung Fu- Street Fight Application for Real Life

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Master Collins study of martial arts began over 30 years ago at age six, with a blended style of Shaolin Ku...
Master Collins study of martial arts began over 30 years ago at age six, with a blended style of Shaolin Kung Fu, Kempo and Karate. By his teens, Collins showed signs of a particular gift with martial arts and began to make a name for himself in numerous tournaments. As his experience grew, Collins devoted more time to martial arts study, training on a daily basis with some of the nation’s leading martial arts instructors. By age 18, Collins was studying and now instructing martial arts six to seven days a week from early morning until late in the evening. For over a decade Collins lived, breathed, taught and studied martial arts not simply as a part time activity but as his sole occupation, all day, every day. During the decade, Collins worked as an instructor and leader of several schools, attended, participated and judged hundreds of tournaments and advanced to the rank of Master. During the 1980s, Master Collins worked for several martial arts groups as a lead instructor and assisted with the opening and management of several schools as a member of the Fred Villari organization he studied under Grandmaster Villari himself as well as other leading teachers. Later, Collins expanded his study to include various other styles such as Aikido, Jui Jitsu, Boxing, Kickboxing and Tai Chi, seeking out instructors in these disciplines and training with them. Thane Collins believes in humbleness and often attends other schools to learn different styles and systems. In the mid 1980s, Master Collins became a police officer in the city of Worcester MA. Due to his unique abilities on the police force as an officer who could disarm, arrest and subdue suspects with minimal injury to them or to law enforcement officers, Collins was regularly designated by fellow officers and the police department to single handedly deal with violent offenders and difficult suspects. During his twelve years as a police officer, Master Collins had over 3000 encounters with armed, dangerous and violent criminals. This unusual experience for a martial artist enabled Collins to further develop his style and system with real life practicality and usability. As a police officer, Collins instructed fellow officers on effective means of handling suspects, disarming lethal weapons and self defense. Collins continued to study and teach martial arts during this time and focused for a period of three years on perfecting a new method he devised of further increasing his striking power and speed. In 1992, Thane Collins and his wife Betti founded the Shaolin Kung Fu Society in Worcester MA and taught advanced and beginner students. Thane’s law enforcement background and the Rodney King incident showed police forces the necessity for proper training and during the 1990s Collins taught several law enforcement groups through workshops and seminars. With his wife Betti, a Registered Nurse and also a former police officer, Collins also taught sexual assault self defense courses at college campuses. Collins also taught Tai Chi relaxation and focus building and taught executive leadership and self defense for corporations such as Morgan Stanley. In the mid 1990s, Collins moved to Hawaii where he studied further with martial artists such as Pui Chan, the Grandmaster of the Wah Lum Kung Fu Association and affiliates of the late Professor William Chow. In Hawaii, Collins continued instruction of advanced students as well as members of the US Military. In 2003, Collins moved to the hills of West Virginia near a Buddhist retreat where he has created a specialized instructional environment in his home. Mr. Collins currently also serves as Director of Special Tactics and Training for FDVT Corporation, a National government contracting agency whose clients include the FBI, DEA, Department of the Treasury, US Army, US Navy, US Marines, US Postal Inspectors Bureau, NY Police Department, US Air Force, The Department of Justice and other law enforcement agencies. In this capacity, Collins is responsible for advanced martial arts training of military and oth...