"Gang Street Wars" IPhoneGames Tower Defense Game on the IPhone and IPod Touch!

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*******digidock***.jp/en/iphoneapplication/gangstreetwars/ Gang street wars is a side-scrolling RTS (Real...
*******digidock***.jp/en/iphoneapplication/gangstreetwars/ Gang street wars is a side-scrolling RTS (Real Time Strategy) game. The objective of this game is to rule the enemy's territory by attacking their field in real time and by boosting your front line with produced units. When your unit and the enemy's units meet on the front line, the movement will be stopped and units will start fighting each other until one falls. The one who wins the battle can move ahead until he encounters the next enemy or reach to enemy's territory and consume all its power or keep fighting until he conquers the enemy's territory.