Free Form Dance Movement - Benefits of Moving Your Body

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Dance therapy - LYRICS: Arriving in the dance hall. Above, beneath and around my skin - the movement within...
Dance therapy - LYRICS: Arriving in the dance hall. Above, beneath and around my skin - the movement within + the music without. Flow. Flowing with the barefoot sounds of the beating drums. Flowing with the runaway flutes. Arms wave. Waves Armed. Waving from the shoulder to the finger tips. Pulsating with the drums, flowing with the bass. Spine now slowly wakes to the sounds, to the sounds of joy flowing through my arms. Feeling the music deep in my chest, my spine creeps around, circling itself while my back tries to keep up. Not to be left behind, a snakey shakey force enters my hips, twisting them slowly, opposing the spinal movement in a teasing and respectful flow. The feet and my head have now picked up a background wail of another voice. They dance together, moving to the guidance of that soulfully long sound. Breath flows through to all the new spaces made in my neck and feet. Hips and thighs rejoicing with a rush of oxygen and life force, celebrating to the music. Stress flows away, dances away, melts away. Snapping Unhooking Unlatching These sore joints of mine quickly and easily open up, becoming vulnerable to these faraway voices, teasing the stiffness out. My body in child like anticipation for the freedom to come, the freedom of movement The unhindered breath and joy rushing through my veins, a few moments ahead of my vibrating pulse. Smiling eyes, laughing cheeks, mischievous lips all join the joy. Breathe deeper and wider. Sweat now forming small dew drops on this morning lawn of my skin. The stirring of new spaces, of muscles and joints I haven't seen in years, like long lost and now found sandbox playmates. Wait! A thought appears, "Is this good for me?" This joy and life I feel are answer enough to that nagging mental question, masquerading as a caring friend. I know that wolf is the perfectionist inside. Ignoring thoughts, I just become aware of two things - my body and the musical vibrations that are flooding each atom of my existence and instigating excitement and freedom from within- like some underground rebel freedom fighter. The music starts to stir up some emotions and feelings that have been selfishly clenched deep in my muscles. A strain of sadness appears in the midst of this joyous dance, and I smile at it. Inviting it to stay and enjoy the celebration in silence. Expressed in movement through my body, the sadness has its moment of fame. Soon, it passes, leaving more freedom. Allowing my body to learn more about itself, trusting itself, exploring its boundaries. Allowing my mind to gently nudge awake all repressed emotions and feelings- expressing, releasing, freeing them from self inflicted bondage. The primordial form of expression crosses all borders of time, space, race, species. Allowing integration of mind and body, stirring the soul to awaken to life. Middle of the week. Middle of the afternoon. Sometimes middle of the night. Twirling Twisting Snaking Jump[ing Leaping Shaking my body. Who needs to break out of the chains of our systemic societal repression when freedom can be had in just a few feet of space and for just a song? Working out in a gym? Save it for a rainy day. The sweat pours down the body alive the mind cleared the emotions expressed the joy experienced, still experiencing Still. 5 minutes of stillness, in silence. The music has stopped. The song, sung. Back to my breath. Infinite space and now on to the next moment.