Yellowsone . How to Make a Time-lapse Without a Camera (or Webcam) and for Free - V.3

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IDEA/Concept: Many online webcams (or cameras) are set up to capture and upload to a server (or a website) ...
IDEA/Concept: Many online webcams (or cameras) are set up to capture and upload to a server (or a website) images taken every X seconds or every Y minutes. Each new image is overwritten on to the old one, but the file name (e.g. image.gif) remains always the same. The webpage displaying the webcam view will refresh every X seconds or every Y minutes, in order to show the most recently captured image. If you find an online camera (there are thousands) which uses the above described kind of system, you can create a time-lapse video using it. To check if an online webcam is set as described above, right click on the image and select properties; if it is an embedded image you should see its address (e.g.****/directory/image.gif). Use this link in step #2. To do this you will need the following:- 1) An internet connection. 2) Software #1 Downloading images from a website at regular intervals. I used AutoDownload (www.orangeview****/autodownload/) You can find this video's webcam Yellowstone National Park - The Old Faithful ( I pointed the software to****/yell/photosmultimedia/images/webcams/oldfaith2.jpg and saved a new image every 30 seconds, for a total of 2981 images. 3) Software #2 Changing the extension of the images from GIF to JPG. Since AutoDownload downloaded GIF images and MakeAVI accepts just JPG images, I used Extension Changer 1.0 to fix this issue (www.softpedia****/progDownload/Faltronsoft-Extension-Changer-Download-60980.html). 4) Software #3 Creating a video merging all the images. I used MakeAVI (*******sourceforge****/projects/makeavi) 5) A good soundtrack. In this video I have used: "George" by William Bolcom 6) Software #4 Post-producing the video and adding the soundtrack. I used Windows Movie Maker (available from Microsoft Update) Have fun and a good day. P.S. Please read the Terms & Conditions on the website you are downloading the images from and make sure you are not infringing any Copyright protection (the same applies to the soundtrack).