PharmacyEscrow Has Been Pretty Positive

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Hello, my name is David and I am doing a review of the PharmacyEscrow, formerly, now known ...
Hello, my name is David and I am doing a review of the PharmacyEscrow, formerly, now known as PharmacyEscrow****. Overall, I found the service from the personnel that I spoke with very good, it was always very easy to get somebody on the phone if we need to talk about. When I thought would be, you know about questions that I might have or anything like that, phone people were very helpful. When I actually did place the order, the delivery actually came in a reasonable time even though I did not know at the time that I placed the order but I realized thereafter that this drug that I was gonna be using was actually being shipped from India, so that was gonna take a while but it actually arrived in a reasonable amount of time that allowed me to do what I needed to do and it went really quite well. I actually ordered HCG from PharmacyEscrow and I found that the quality of the HCG that I got was very good even though that was being shipped from overseas, I did not find that there was any, I did not have any reservations or concerns about taking the HCG even if that was shipped from India and the reason I felt that way is because I thought when I received it, it was foil wrapped, it was obviously pharmaceutical grade drug. And so, I felt very comfortable taking the HCG after I received it. Just a few suggestions that I recommend, there are lot of different types of HCG that PharmacyEscrow offers. Some of them are sublingual; some of them are intended to be mixed for injections. The thing I recommend is maybe differentiating there are somehow in the list of items that you have so people can tell what they are ordering. Sometimes, that’s not so apparent. The other thing that might be helpful, just in my way of suggestion, is that you might actually be having a calculator that you could create. I am sure you guys, because of just the online word of mouth that caused there are a lot of orders for PharmacyEscrow. I am sure you guys will benefit a great deal with some kind of online calculator that would help people try to determine how much the dosage they would take or you know how much they should actually order depending on what kind of program they gonna do, I mean, whether they will be doing it sublingually or by injection. I actually had a lot of success on the first round of program, I lost about 30 pounds which some people had done worse or some had done better but I was so happy with my weight loss, 30 pounds. I am actually intending to do it again and so, you know, we’ll see if we can do it again, lose another 30 and then I will be on my way. I am pretty much to be done at that point but overall I have to say that my experience with PharmacyEscrow has been pretty positive and I encourage people to use utilize service. So thanks very much!