Jennifer Nicole Lee

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*******fitnessmodelprogram2.blogspot**** Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness Model Program It All Started Over 20...
*******fitnessmodelprogram2.blogspot**** Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness Model Program It All Started Over 200 Pounds Ago... It all started in 2003 after the birth of my second son- I took my infamous before photo where I weighed over 200 pounds. In order to have a visual goal of what I wanted to look like when I started my weight loss transformation, I went to one of the leading female Fitness Magazines for inspiration. I wanted a physique that was strong and muscular, yet still feminine- somewhat of an animated Superwoman. I noticed how the female athletes that were Fitness Models™ did not focus their energy on slow monotonous cardio for hours on end- yet they focused on a resistance weight training program combined with a high protein diet of 5-6 meals per day! From my intensive research and discovery of the top Fitness Models™- I created and designed the Fitness Model Program™ - Through trial and error I developed my own personal program from learning what works and what doesnt to achieve my cover worthy physique! *******fitnessmodelprogram2.blogspot**** The Fitness Model Program™ Is the Most Effective and Time-Efficient Fat Loss & Feminine Muscle Building System in the World Over time, the Fitness Model Program™ got even better as I refined, tweaked and re-tested it on dozens of female clients until it became a complete weight loss training and feminine muscle building methodology. Impossible to believe, these women achieved rapid fat loss with as few as 4 workouts per week of only 45 minutes, but the proof was when they put their bikinis on- they never looked better! After all, they were frustrated by reading so much B.S. in countless magazine articles claiming that cardio would get them their Fitness Model™ physique. Now they were able to say goodbye that slow, boring cardio and were able to hang up their Queen of Cardio crowns for good- they continued to get more muscle definition and lose inches from their waist. *******fitnessmodelprogram2.blogspot**** .