Stephen Gately (Boyzone) Dies While Sleeping Peace Nobel Obam...

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Stephen Gately (Boyzone) dies while Peace Nobel Obama runs WarCriminal Cabinet ++mc nicomedy2010 - "Oba...
Stephen Gately (Boyzone) dies while Peace Nobel Obama runs WarCriminal Cabinet ++mc nicomedy2010 - "Obama Boyzone Thames13.1" feat. Thames13.1NoiseProd. vs. SlusherHaupt002 starring NSDAP [Nico's Sex Deutsche Arbiter Partei] ***********/watch?v=VrSDCK9Y9ds *******friendfeed****/ewing2001 Obama's SDI 2009 Darth Vader Cabinet Team: Charles F. Bolden, Jr. (NASA, Free Electron Laser Paper 1994, Alliant Techsystems Inc); Jon Huntsman (Reagan-SDI-Republican); Lt. General Raduege/CSIS, Eric Shinseki ['Objective Force' 99/FCS/Honeywell], Michael Hayden/CIA, James L. Jones [ACUS/Aspen Society, Chevron], Susan Rice [Brookings Institution], Peter R. Orszag [Brookings Institution], X. Becerra [Aspen], Michele Flournoy [Aspen], Den Blair [Iridium Satellite LLC/BinLadin Group], J. Holdren [Lawrence Livermore, Lockheed,Tsinghua University/DEW], Chu [Lawrence Berkeley], Gelbard [Paris Club], Eric S. Lander [MIT Center for Genome Research/fellowship foundation], NASA Administrator Michael Griffin [InQTel/CIA], Arne Duncan [Aspen], Ray LaHood [republican], Hillary Clinton ["china connection"]; etc... check out also: *******friendfeed****/ewing2001 TOP 70 Most Interesting 'Power Structure' Companies and Institutions [ewing2001 ; compiled August 2009] *******tinyurl****/9-11top70 NSDAP - Nico's Sex Deutsche Arbiter Partei ******* G20-LRAD NoiseWeapon Remixes *******soundcloud****/ewing2001/ ***********/watch?v=N4XdFS_RUk0 -)*"The 9/11 Gay Club"*(- [BUNDESTAGSWAHLEN-Mixxx] ***********/watch?v=rTsg5LzF4jU 9/11 Anniversary Link Compilation [by ewing2001] *******krunchd****/911whoandwhy ewing2001/nicopedia: best of research/reports etc.. at friendfeed ******* EADS/Arianespace to Launch swiss-RUAG linked ST-2 For Singapore And Taiwan - ******* ; NASA to launch delayed space shuttle Endeavour on Wednesday ******* ; Google[-Earth] sponsor links to Obama confirmed ******* ; KerryDean Blog still moderates AirFrance "ConspTheories" by Haupt ******* ; Digital (Corp) Fascism- Next Phase 06/12 Obama switches to Digital; ClearChannel threatened ******* ; NYC Scandal: Bloomberg locks up L-Train MTA/Lockheed-Subway on Weekend for weeks !! ******* ; EADS Astrium 2004 paper about "space based laser arrays" [5.3], "free electron lasers" [5.6.3.] ******* ; Russian-, Kazakhstan Partner EADS beats Boeing as World's largest Aerospace and Defense firm ******* ; The distraction psyOPs around the History of DEW + Co. [by ewing2001) ******* ; "Genesis" run by ex-PanAMSat Boss - Alex Jones and the 'SpaceBeams Industry' plus We live in Public [feat. Nico Haupt] premieres in Helsinki and San Francisco ******* Gulf War I- TV Media Fakery Hoax "goes viral *again*" ******* Feedback on the "controversial" 9/11 'vicsim report' ******* 11September2009 - 911 Truthling "Truth" ******* etc...