How To Apply Make Up - Part 2 - Eyeliner

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from the website - ******* One of the most important skills to learn when it comes to looking ...
from the website - ******* One of the most important skills to learn when it comes to looking your best is how to apply eye-liner -- it can really draw attention to your features when applied correctly. Here's how to master the basic techniques. First of all gather all the equipment together that you will need -- eye make up, eyeliner, kohl eyeliner, black eyeliner, powder eyeliner, white liquid eyeliner, eyeliner brush, pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, and some cotton swabs Basic pencil eyeliner is the type you'll use most often. You'll need to ensure the pencil is sharp. Do be careful as the formula is often smooth and is easier to smudge. Black eyeliner is the colour most often used, and liner in powder form can be used in place of other eyeliner to get a smoky look. White eyeliner can be used to draw light to parts of the eye and make it look larger. To apply, start at one corner of the eye, and lightly draw a line. If you are having trouble with that, draw a few short lines and blend it all together with a cotton swab or sponge applicator. Liquid eyeliner is more difficult to apply, and takes more effort, but the effects are more dramatic and long lasting. First, dust the lids with some pressed powder or apply an eye make up base. Then, starting at the corner of your eye, use short strokes to direct the liner to the other side. Do the same for the top and bottom lid. Before it dries, use an applicator to blend it, making it look natural and even. Don't forget that the shape of your eye is all important when deciding what look to go for. Your eye-liner is complete, and now you're ready to move on to the next stage of the make up process.