How I Met Your Mother Promoting the New World Order Agenda Propaganda

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A *******uswgo**** published video! Remember from prisonplanet they said Prime Time TV Networks would have...
A *******uswgo**** published video! Remember from prisonplanet they said Prime Time TV Networks would have control over TV Shows and can push pro new world order, pro big brother, pro Big government regime propaganda, you know what I mean pro cap and trade, pro forced government healthcare, pro mandatory community service for our president, and probably more. *******www.prisonplanet****/government-propaganda-to-infest-network-tv-shows.html Whether the due citizenship part is propaganda or not of the North American Union I just thought that since pro new world order (pro nwo) junk will be embedded into TV Show plotlines that they were promoting Canadas universal healthcare and the pro North American Union agenda. I may be wrong about certain scenes but how could I be since propaganda started infesting shows since Monday. Propaganda can be put in any TV Show and so I have to scrutinize which parts could be pro nwo and which parts were just regular plot lines. I may be right the way she thought the citizenship test was a pain and didn't want to have to be a certain way just to be an American. So it's like they want to unify both Canada and America into the one world government and the North American Union. I do think they were promoting Obamas healthcare plan by sending out a positive message about Canada's by those statements when one of the characters said "and they didn't even bill me!" so they are stating that universal healthcare is really free and no strings attached without mentioning how much taxes it would take and how many tax payers may decide to kill off a few old ladies or those that have cancer since chemo therapy is expensive.